Xerox Copiers

Multifunction copiers have revolutionized offices all over the world. They are fast, efficient, relatively inexpensive to lease, and capable of producing excellent quality printed documents. Most offices have a minimum of one stand-alone copier, but larger organizations have multiple Xerox copiers for small business, one in every office.

What Functions Do Copiers and Printers Perform?

Standard monochrome copy machines have been around for several decades. These workhorse machines are usually networked and can churn out pages upon pages per day, subject only to a ready supply of paper and toner. They are ideal for offices that need to print paper copies of invoices, reports, and other documents.

As the name suggests, copy machines are also handy for photocopying printed documents, which is useful when multiple copies of existing documents are needed.

Color printers are a step up from B&W copiers. They are capable of printing professional quality printed documents, such as brochures and other marketing materials. As with all copiers and printers, the more the machine costs, the better the quality of the final print, although modern professional-quality color printers for business use all produce superb quality prints.

Multi-function Copiers

Multi-function machines can do a lot more than print and copy. They usually have a fax function, although this is mostly redundant these days thanks to the wonders of email and cloud sharing applications.

Multi-function machines can have an additional scanning mode, so documents can be scanned in and sent as a PDF, JPEG, or similar. This is useful if you need to scan a contract and send it via email. Often, the machine will let you do all this in a few simple steps, as networked machines are typically connected to the internet.

A More Productive Workplace

All of this functionality ensures maximum productivity in offices large and small. Instead of having to outsource printing or ask an employee to take confidential documents to a local printer to have them scanned in or copied, everything can be done in-house for free.

Whether you invest in a Xerox copier or opt to try a different brand, one thing is certain, these machines are a great addition to the modern workplace.