William D King : How to Make Your Conference More Interesting

William D King says that Conferences are usually boring and a pain to attend. But changing up your formats, no matter the conferences’ purpose (Team building, B2B events, or Educative), could result in your conferences becoming more enjoyable and interesting to your attendees.

With more and more companies turning to work-from-home solutions, virtual meetings and conferences have become the norm. Here are a few ways you can make your conference more interesting! Whether online or in person.

Be More Human

People try very hard at making their conferences completely perfect and polished, but sometimes, the more polished your conference is, the more boring it can be. This doesn’t mean you should go in completely unprepared and wing it. 

Having a few human moments like pauses and stumbles could make your conference more relatable to your audience. Showing your emotions helps in actually connecting with your audience. Don’t be completely sloppy but be a little more casual and spontaneous with your conference. 

Add Interactive Experiences

People attending conferences usually do a lot of sitting around and listening. Try and incorporate a few interactive activities into your conferences. This allows your attendees to chat with each other and network. Maybe take breaks to let the attendees talk and connect. You can even use icebreakers to let the attendees find common grounds to make it easier to connect.

For more interactive ideas, you can visit William D King’s website!

Breaks and interactions give your attendees some rest from just sitting around and listening, which helps people be more productive and creative. These experiences also help people take home good memories from your conferences, and they will be more likely to return.

Meals and Snacks

As Food is a crucial part of almost all conference events. You could arrange for meals and snacks from the venue your conference is taking place at, or you could plan and arrange it from outside sources. Make sure you are inclusive of all meal choices. Don’t forget about people with allergies, people who avoid gluten, and vegetarians and vegans! Good food is especially important in events that may go on for multiple nights or award ceremonies. This part can be especially hard nowadays with virtual conferences. But you could give out gift cards or give a budget for people to order whatever they want while they attend your conference