Azar Jazestani - Principle Planner

Planning is an essential aspect whenever you anticipate doing something soon. For instance, if you are planning a wedding ceremony, you will have to keep all your plans laid for the big day and experience an overwhelming ceremony. Typically, a wedding is one of the most important events of a person’s life, and Azar Jazestani makes it memorable with her expert event planning services across North America.

Principle Planner Celebrating ten years of Experience in Business.

Principle Planner celebrates ten years of experience in the business. Azar Jazestani is delighted to announce to each couple or other individuals or groups seeking to organize a spectacular event dressed in beautiful, memorable sights can rely on her event planning company for an unforgettable experience.

Azar Jazestani, the founder of Principal Planner, started it in 2007 after spending 13 years of experience as an event planner for North America’s top event planning firm. She then created a niche for herself in wedding planning to offer her wealth of experience and vast knowledge in design, detail, and planning gathered from the many years she has spent helping clients bring events of all kinds to life.

Principle Planner serves as a perfect platform for hosting events of all sizes, including House Dining, Mixology Services, Floorpan Creation, Ambiance Design, and a unique custom scenting program to satisfy all senses. Azar Jazestani has also been nursing dreams of offering a luxury turn-key experience, making the company launch Montreal wedding and event hall in 2019. It is currently known as the Maison principle, a dream venue designed to add glamor and class to all sorts of events, making them unique, elegant, and unforgettable.

Maison Principal is a unique space that boasts of the most elegant and luxurious details in its architecture and functionality. It transports people to old-day France, where even the most discerning critics are often bedazzled. Its ahistorical reception has been reinvented and restored to facilitate a magical experience in line with modern convenience and state-of-the-art amenities.

With that in mind, Azar Jazestan is always focused on bringing fun in event planning and letting the host anticipate their special day ahead. With full wedding planning, Azar Jazestan has curated packages within the expectations of each host of a luxury event planning firm.


Since planning is the backbone of every event, try making it unique and fun with Azar Jazestani. She’ll take you step by step while having fun and, most importantly, having much fun. Azar Jazestani and her team are equipped, willing, and ready to ensure you’ve planned for a successful event. If you are planning for a big day, always look forward to having them as part of your team. You’ll love it!