Adventure Park

If you are looking for a place to experience nature then there is no better place than Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVS in Jamaica

It offers you an exciting adventure along with the breathtaking scenery of nature. Join Yaaman Adventure Park to enjoy the great outdoors and endless fun or entertainment.

 If Jamaica’s verdant landscape is calling you out of your resort’s comfort zone, then Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVS in Jamaica is the place for you! This Ocho Rios attraction combines fun-filled adventure, culture, and nature in between. From the rainforest Yaaman’s basic package includes a guided jitney ride, an aviary visit, and one of the following options: a Dune Buggy Ride, a swim in the Secret River, and a Flavors of Jamaica culinary tour. 

Yaaman Adventure Park has one of the most exclusive and captivating golf courses in the world. Yaaman Adventure Park History Sir Harold Mitchell built Jamaica’s first hydroelectric power station with incredible views. This huge house was built in the early 18th century.

If you want to have endless fun and explore nature, then Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVS in Jamaica is the best place for you. Explore Jamaica’s History and Culture Begin with an open-air cab ride through this 1,000-acre estate that was once an 18th-century farming estate called Prospect Plantation. Banana and coffee trees, yucca bushes, sugar cane and other plants are still present in Yaaman Gardens. 

At Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVS in Jamaica, there is an experience for every member of the family, and a variety of activities to choose from to suit all your visitors! 

The Yaaman Adventure Tour Experience 

The first thing that will strike you upon arrival is how colorful, beautiful and vibrant this place is. It has that modern and exciting feel that lets you know you’re in for some excitement and fun! 

These are the different things you can do here:

The Jitney Tour

The Jitney tour is highly recommended as you can ride an open-air tractor over the 1000-acre property. During this tour, you will learn about the rich and colorful history of the plantation and see many of the native trees and fruits of Jamaica such as bananas, cassava, sugarcane and more.

 The tractor ride also passes through many areas that offer you fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea. Definitely worth the price if you ask me. 

The tour guide we were given was quite amusing and you will inevitably laugh out loud at his jokes when you experience it yourself. 

The Camel Ride 

One of the unique rides that Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVs in Jamaica offers are camel rides. I am not aware of any other attraction on the island that offers this. And because of that, we had to experience it for ourselves.

On this tour, you’ll hop on the camel while your guide walks by your side. The seat is comfortable enough to just relax. Camels aren’t as intimidating as you might think (in fact, they’re pretty laid-back).

 During this tour, you can chat with the guide and learn more about the camels as well as experience the natural landscape. 

Horse ride

I’m a big fan! In fact, I think my first experience of this place was when it was officially called Prospect Plantation. This adventure takes you on a trail through the 18th-century estate. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the history and even witness the stunning views of the White River, as well as see peppers and akee growing along your walk. 

The Segway ride

Another unique ride that I don’t see in Jamaica is the Segway. The walk on this tour takes you on and off-road and exposes you to many of the local plants and fruits. 

Food Tour

 Of course, no trip would be complete without the opportunity to learn about Jamaican cuisine. The culinary tour allows you to create some of the island’s classics: Jamaican chicken and fest.

Here you join a professional chef on the porch of the big house and become your own master chef. 

The Tour Packages

 If you don’t want to do all the tours in Yaaman, you can take one of the packages instead. Many hotels and resorts in the tourist capital offer packages as part of a special offer. If you are alone at the attraction, you can also book one of the packages yourself.

How to Experience Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVs in Jamaica

 If you want to have a wonderful experience at Yaaman Adventure Park and ATVs in Jamaica, you don’t have to try hard. You can visit their official website for this purpose and contact them for more information. The link to the official website is mentioned here: It is the best place where you can meet nature, adventure and excitement together.