People can accomplish anything if they have the passion and creativity to do something. Each person is unique and has different abilities. However, when it comes time to implement those skills, most people are slower than others. This is due primarily lack of determination, willpower, or courage.

Many people are not afraid to take risks and try new things. Zach Vouga is the CO-CEO of Plant Power Fast Food and CO-Founder. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from DePaul University in 2011.

After a good understanding of political science, he began working in 2011 as a general manager at Evolution Fast Food. He was responsible for creating various programs and procedures that would make the restaurant a vegan-friendly establishment. He worked in this restaurant for over four years and gained valuable experience as a GM.

Zach decided to leap in his career and founded Plant Power Fast Food in 2016. It is a 100% vegan restaurant with over 6 million dollars of funding. This firm has five locations and a mobile food truck in San Diego, California. Vouga plans to open three to four additional locations by 2020, with an estimated revenue of over $15 million for 2021.

After receiving fantastic feedback about Plant Power Fast Food’s success, Zach started another food company called Donna Jean. It is 100% plant-based and has a well-established fine-dining restaurant that reflects southern cuisine. This restaurant has the unique distinction of offering delicious, fresh food and the best recipes. Zach is a part of this company and continues developing new marketing and business strategies to help the company expand in San Diego.

Zach Vouga wanted to see chain-based vegan restaurants throughout California. Vouga strongly believes that veganism is healthier and more beneficial for everyone. He believes it is beneficial to buy a vegan restaurant, especially in San Diego, as the market for vegan food is constantly growing.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to enjoy delicious, varied meals that are rich in plant-based goodness and delicious meat alternatives. We hope this will one day be an option for all. Our goal is to make delicious and nutritious tempeh more available and to create products that make it more practical and accessible. Although we know there is still much to do, that is our goal. We believe inclusion is essential, and we are constantly striving to improve. For example, we are working hard to make products more affordable for a broader range of people.