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What are 2020’s web design strategies and trends that you need to know? Well, in this article, you’ll look past the aesthetics, gradients, and grids. Let’s pay greater attention to things that drive the web. As the web evolves, developers, web designers, and brands alike should be ahead of the latest web practices and technologies.

Though overlapping design components, typography, broken grids, white space, and parallax scrolling are all important web design activities, web development is something that influences how these things function. That is why staying abreast of the recent trends is critical to thriving in this dynamic industry. A professional Santa Rosa web designer can help you understand all the intricacies. Following are important web design strategies and trends:

Virtual Reality (VR)

In 2020 and the years ahead, VR will be the focus of attention. The significance of virtual reality is the unquantifiable experience it offers users, and it is critical for increasing product sales, as the users will get to see how the given product functions in real-time before buying it. Big brands like Google, Microsoft, YouTube, etc have been incorporating VR into their platforms.

Quick and Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is potentially one of the most powerful trends the web has ever come across. It was not just a modification in web development but an overall change – by means of portable working frameworks. Responsive websites will serve users, regardless of the device they are using.

Google has also declared Mobile-First search, which indicates Google now rewards sites based on how effectively they display on mobile before acknowledging how they look on laptops and desktop computers.

Message Pop-up Integration

Pop-up messages are increasingly becoming a communication tool for brands and businesses. This technology has enabled sending direct data to site users and clients. It can report warnings about deals, traffic changes, sports scores, or motivate users to share feedback.

So, web developers are finding options to incorporate them on web portals, discussion boards, including mobile apps, and so on. This trend will gain dominance in 2020 and the year ahead.

Voice Search

Web developers do not have much choice when optimizing for voice-enabled searches. There is a big difference in the way how Google and other voice-powered devices such as Siri process information. Voice-enabled search is a powerful technology that enables users to search for answers online using voice commands. Although it has been in the talk for years, its real use has grown only during recent years.


Although these web design strategies and trends are expected to become more popular in years to come, you must keep a clear mind to effectively incorporate the ones that will reap the most benefits for you. The aim is to develop and design a site that will serve the users better.

This can involve improving site speed, making overall navigation easier, ensuring that all the functionalities are properly working, and being relevant to the site content. This might take some time to strike the perfect design for your website that offers a seamless experience to the users, but you can always seek help from Santa Rosa web designers.