Building reliable backlinks for a website is a crucial aspect of improving the ranks in various search engines like Google. However, it is definitely not an easy task to generate ‘do follow’ links from sites that have high page authority. That is exactly where profile creation sites can help in 2020.

Best Profile not only improves the ranking position in the search engines, but it also helps in getting substantial traffic from the community. There are a number of profile creation sites that can be utilized for building dependable high-quality backlinks.

List of Profile Creation Sites in 2020

Starting a website is simple, but growing and maintaining it is what requires all the efforts. To get heavy traffic from Google, you need to improve your position in the search engine by understanding their algorithms.

To achieve that, you should make backlinks from websites that have high domain authority. In other words, backlinks are the main backbone of successful SEO, which helps in growing your web presence in terms of increasing organic footfall generated from the search engine.

One of the most popular off-page SEO techniques is the profile submission, which is being used by almost everyone to build backlink. This can be easily done by providing relevant information about your website in the description or by submitting your site on the profile creation websites. Here is a list of profile creation sites where you can submit your website to increase traffic.

However, before checking out the profile linking sites, it is important to understand that the profile submission sites allow you ‘do follow’ backlinks that can increase the domain authority of your sites, but only if you can generate backlinks from profile creation sites having a high da.

It is also pivotal to always ensure that the profile site you are thinking of are not spammed and have high domain authority. To save some of your time and effort, we have assembled below a list of ‘do follow’ profile creation sites for you, which will be beneficial to you.

While we were trying to find suitable profile creation sites for SEO, we had also come across the low domain authority submission sites but we decided to exclude them and have included only the high pr profile creation sites in this list.

How to create a profile on these profile submission websites?

  1. You need to visit the profile creation sites which have a high page authority from the list.
  2. Then you would have to sign up using your email ID and furnish the required details like the username and password for future sign in.
  3. Once the sign-up process is complete, you need to check your email id to see if any confirmation mail has been received from the profile site or not.
  4. After receiving the confirmation email, you have to log in to the profile submission site and input the details of the website in the given field.
  5. You have to make sure that you have not forgotten to add a title, description, and website link in the given field.
  6. As soon as all the information is provided, make sure that you click on the “SAVE” button before submission.
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Here we have tried to create a more or less comprehensive free profile creation sites list for 2020, which can be used in building backlinks. However, if there are any other profile sites that you come across, please do let us know as we would like to add them to this list, which will eventually prove to be beneficial for a lot of people.


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