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Shopping is hands-down the most exciting part of any function, especially weddings.

There is always so much one needs to buy, from food to clothes to footwear.

And as everyone knows, brides are the most stressed yet most excited ones to shop for their big days. 

Hence, I’ll be sharing bridal shopping 101 for all the brides out there, from shopping in a boutique in Victoria to local thrift stores.

If you are a bride or a bridesmaid, I will tell you the best shopping hacks that will make your shopping journey a lot easier and stress-free.

Bridal shopping 10 step guide-

  1. Always start by deciding your budget. Often while shopping, we end up buying more than what our pocket allows, or we choose what is way too expensive. So, to avoid all the last-minute drama, ALWAYS decide your budget before going for purchasing.
  1. Do some research! Instead of just waltzing off to shop, take a day or two to do market research. Meaning, look for the best-suited option as per your predecided budget. You can find the best boutique in Victoria or shop from the overseas cheapest market for bridal shopping, i.e., Chandni Chowk. 
  1. Try to find the best places for all your bridal needs. Keeping your budget in mind, look for a bunch of shops or places where you can go to buy your jewelry, different dresses, footwear, etc.
  1. Always go with fewer people. Pick the right shopping buddy is very crucial because they end up helping you make the final decisions while shopping and also help you carry your bags!
  1. Don’t go shopping wearing tight jeans or a fitted dress. It will make you uneasy. So always wear something very comfortable so that you can shop all day without getting irritated with your clothes.
  1. When renting the wedding dress, always book your outfit for 3-4 days. Keep day or 2 as a fail-safe to avoid any inconvenience on the main day.
  1. Don’t limit yourself to offline shops. Look for online options as well to get the best deal possible.
  1. Remember to try on your wedding dress at the time of final fitting with the footwear you plan on wearing on the wedding day. 
  1. Don’t choose footwear based on looks. Always go for comfortable footwear because with a long & heavy wedding dress, uncomfortable heels will kill your feet and make it even more difficult to walk.
  1. Lastly, while buying skin products and cosmetics, don’t shop from a budget point of view. Always go for what will suit your skin type and avoid cheap cosmetics products.

Parting note!

Keeping basic shopping tips in mind always makes the whole process easier and less hectic. Being a bride is a bit stressful, but shopping as a bride shouldn’t be!

Whether you shop from a fancy boutique in Victoria or go for something classy that you found online, keep these steps in mind, and you’ll sail through smoothly in your shopping voyage.