Instagram verification

Getting Instagram verification is desirable, as it indicates the user is an influencer or a verified celebrity. With a rapid increase in cases of online scamming, celebrities and influencers alike have adopted this feature to prove their authenticity.

Verification on Instagram is given to users deemed ‘notable’ and essential figures in the online world, such as celebrities, public figures, and brands. It is a way for users to identify a real account from an imposter one quickly.

About the verification process

The process of getting verified is relatively simple, but specific steps need to be taken for your request to be successful. Before submitting your application, you must ensure that your profile meets all the criteria Instagram sets for verification.

Criteria for getting verified on Instagram

There are four main conditions that your profile must meet for you to be eligible for verification. These include:

1. Authentic

One of the main requirements is that the profile must be authentic. That means it must represent a single person, business, or entity and should not be a parody, fan account, or commentary account.

2. Unique

The profile must be unique and cannot closely resemble any other existing profile. It also should have been created for more than just selling goods or services.

3. Complete

The bio on your profile should include an appropriate profile picture/avatar or logo and website links, if applicable. The biography section of your profile should accurately describe who you are and what you do in 250 characters maximum length.

4. Public

Notably, the account must be public for the verification process.

Once you have ensured that your profile meets these criteria, you can apply for verification on Instagram. The application process is straightforward and can be completed in simple steps.

Applying Instagram Verification

The first step to obtaining the coveted blue check mark is to log into your account and go to settings. Under ‘Account,’ there will be an option called ‘Request Verification,’ which you should click on. Here, you will need to fill out some information about yourself or your business and provide a form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Once submitted successfully, Instagram will review it and decide whether you are eligible for verification.

Benefits of getting verified

Once your account is verified, several advantages come with it.

Firstly, being verified will give you access to more Instagram features, such as insights and analytics, which can help you better understand the performance of your posts. It also shows your followers that you are an official account and boosts their trust.

Furthermore, it can help you stand out from other accounts in search results and get featured on the Explore page or other promotional opportunities.


In conclusion, getting verified on Instagram is a great way to authenticate yourself and increase trust with potential customers or followers. As long as your profile meets the criteria set out by Instagram and the application process is followed correctly, you should have no problem.

If your application is accepted, you will receive the blue check mark and be able to display it alongside your profile name proudly. If your request is denied, you can try again in 30 days. So make sure to review all the criteria properly and take advantage of C4N2 and join the verified community on Instagram. Good luck!