Architecture is the process of planning, designing, and constructing a structure or a building. An architect is a person who uses his skills and knowledge of architecture to build a construction. One should have numerous designs and plans in mind if he wants to satisfy the need of his clients. It is one of the oldest professions with many imaginations, ideas, design, and the product of creative expressions. Architecture for a project is a responsibility, that consists of designing, drawing, planning, with other duties to create a structure. When talking about talented architects in Germany, Stefan Motzo is a renowned name for modern architectural designs. 

After completing his education in Germany and he started working as an architect. He has developed distinctive architectural designs and built a trusted portfolio. 

Stefan believes that modern architectures are all based on new technologies and the construction of innovative materials as compared to traditional buildings. In modern construction, structures are built to keep in mind the functionality and use of new elements like steel, glass, reinforced concrete RC. Motzo explains that modern architecture emerged with change in technology, building material, engineering, and a desire to invent something new and innovative from traditional building styles.

Prime Concept Behind the Change: 

Modern structures are free to create new forms. Reinforced concrete can be molded into any shape and can create enormous designs without the need for supporting pillars. Replaced stones and bricks are essential materials for modern architecture. In Germany, the modern industrial movement was first appeared in Munich by Hermann Muthesius – a prominent architectural commentator. The concept behind modern architecture was to bring out a well-designed, high quality and new architecture.

Interesting Facts: 

Contemporary architecture is not similar to modern architecture: 

Modern architecture is inspired by the art movement (modernism), and contemporary architecture reflects current moments.

The Theme is the elimination of decorative ornaments:

Early and contemporary styles from modern architecture are still in use as ornaments, glass windows, hence additional work is not needed. Beyond this latest modern structures are primarily analytical and not flashy.

Advanced engineering:

In modern architecture, designers use new construction techniques and better building materials. In modern engineering, architects have the freedom to design without keeping in mind whether they would perform better or not over time. 

The structure needs to perform good functioning:

The Idea of modernism is to build a structure that functions well. Modern architecture includes fewer ornaments, more functions, clear lines, carefully balanced composition, and exposed building elements.

Modern buildings seem dull for everyday living:

Modern homes are revolutionary because they adopt the concept of more space and reject excess belongings. Due to this, modern architecture has more space and becomes very cold for regular life.

The architect:

Modern architecture needs a planned and detailed design and engineering to build a fully functioning structure that fulfills the need for the current scenario. Stefan Motzo is a talented architect who has prominent and excellence in the field of architecture. He is consistent and always focuses on better structures with uniqueness and imagination.