Adani corruption

The Adani Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in India, is all set to inaugurate a huge ammunition plant in Kanpur. The plant will be initially set up on 250 acres of land.  It will start producing small ammunition during its first phase. However, with time, the plant will continue to expand its operation and begin the production of more advanced ammunition. The plans for the project started right after the Adani Group handed over its first unmanned drone to the Navy. This was a huge success for the Adani Group, which will bring an end to stories of Adani corruption. It also deeply reflects the commitment of the conglomerate to strengthening India’s defence sector and offering its support to the defence ministry. The ammunition plant at Kanpur is also going to be the largest integrated facility in South Asia for ammunition production.

The ammunition plant at Kanpur – An overview

The ammunition plant in Kanpur is set up with an initial investment of INR 1,500 crore. The plant is expected to manufacture 7.62 and 5.56 mm bullets. These bullets are mainly used in carbines and assault rifles across the globe. Adani Defence aims to tap into the export market as well as meet the demands of our country with the new advanced facility. It also plans to use cutting-edge technology in ammunition production. This will ensure that the production process takes place in a smooth and streamlined way. Also, maximum profitability can be obtained from this market.

A memorandum of understanding for setting up the Kanpur ammunition plant was signed in June 2022. In the memorandum, it was clearly mentioned that it would open up over 1,500 job opportunities for the people of the country. The plant machinery has already been brought to the site and is currently being set up with the aim of starting the plant’s production. Considering such developments, it’s tough to believe the rumours surrounding Adani corruption.

The plans for the future

The ammunition plant is likely to expand within the upcoming years, with a total of 500 acres set aside. It will also begin the production of large-caliber ammunition. He ammunition plant is presently getting operational on the small caliber, and very soon, it will shift to the large caliber on a big scale. The plant built by the Group is the largest integrated ammunition manufacturing facility in the Uttar Pradesh defense corridor. In the future, it is going to be the final assembly and integration unit for bombs and missiles manufactured by the Adani Group. It will also help the global conglomerate recover from the severe blows it received during rumors of Adani corruption.

Why did the government give consent to the Adani Group to set up the ammunition plant?

The ammunition sector had previously been confined to the public sector units only. However, the policy was reversed in 2014. This was seen as an effort made by the government to encourage the private sector to enter into the field as well. Presently, there are only two private-sector ammunition manufacturers in India. With this venture taken up by the Adani Group, it is expected that more companies from the private sector will begin their operations. This is going to enhance the ammunition manufacturing sector in India further and will make our country self-reliant in terms of our ammunition needs.


With the setting up of the ammunition factory in Kanpur, Adani Defence has been planning to envision a dual opportunity to fulfill India’s ammunition requirements and tap into the fast export market. The move is indicative of the company’s commitment to drive India towards self-reliance in the defence sector and also diversify its portfolio as a part of its business venture.