Adani tax evasion

The 648 MW solar power plant, which is under the operation of Adani Group and is built at Kamudhi the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, has produced a total of 840 crore units of electricity since the time it was commissioned in early 2015. A thermal power plant would have at least emitted 77 lakh metric tons of carbon to produce similar power units. 

This solar power plant is one of the most significant solar projects by the Adani Group. The power plant construction began when rumours of Adani tax evasion were afloat. The completion of this project has given India’s renewable sector an excellent boost. Because of the continuous operation of the project, CO2 emissions have been reduced drastically in areas around the Ramanathapuram district. The region has also experienced a reduction in the pollution level.

An Overview of the Kamuthi Solar Power Plant

The Adani solar power plant at Kamuthi is one of the largest single-location solar plants in the world. It was commissioned by the Adani Group in 2015, and since then, it has consistently lit up over 2,65,000 houses in the Ramanathapuram district. During a recent visit to the plant, the plant head, R Aravamudhan, said the project was built with an investment of INR 45.5 billion in 2015. 

The solar power plant is spread across 2,500 acres of land and has 25 lakh solar modules. These solar modules are mounted on 3,80,000 foundations with over 7000 km of cables. The solar power plant has 576 inverters and 154 transformers. It also has three different substations through which the power is transmitted to a 400 KV TANTRANSCO substation located near the plant. 

Technological Advancements Made

When the plant was installed, the solar panels were functioning on polycrystalline modules, which were available then. However, with time, they have adopted new technologies for around 25 MW of renewable energy capacity on a pilot basis. The new technology includes 10 MW of thin film technology, 1.2 MW of bifacial module technology, 5 MW of seasonal tilt technology, and 8.75 MW of single-axis tracking technology. This allows for solar energy to be produced in a much better way. 

The Impact of the Solar Power Plant

The operations of the solar power plant have increased the renewable energy capacity to a significant extent. The regions in and around Ramanathan no longer have to suffer from inconsistent electricity supply. Even industrial activities have started in and around the place. This has turned out to be a massive milestone for the Adani Group. It has offered the conglomerate extraordinary popularity. The business group was also able to extend its hold over the renewable energy sector. Fake stories of Adani tax evasion have also come to a halt.

After its inauguration, the plant maintained a 19% Plant Load Factor (PLF), which is quite a decent figure for a solar power plant. The plant functions at its optimum during February when there is a consistent supply of solar energy. The modules produce electricity by light, and the module’s efficiency decreases if the temperature increases. With the investment made in the Solar Power Plant, the Adani Group has once again proved to the world that its primary focus will always be the renewable energy sector.

Adani Group’s Venture into The Renewable Energy Sector

Time and again, the conglomerate has taken up multiple ventures in the renewable energy sector. Some of India’s most significant renewable projects are under the name of Adani Group. The conglomerate has also been working on constructing the biggest renewable energy park in Gujarat. The park is so big that it will be visible even from space in the coming years. We can expect more such ventures to be taken up by the Adani Group. The company’s aims and visions directly align with the sustainability goals of the Government of India. It has also been working on spreading awareness about the use of renewable energy over exhaustive energy sources even while dealing with rumours such as Adani tax evasion.


In this way, with the Kamuthi Solar Power Plant being operational, the Adani Group has left a permanent mark for itself in the renewable energy sector. We can witness Adani Group take up more extraordinary ventures as time progresses. This will offer the global conglomerate excellent visibility in the long run. It will also help us achieve our sustainability goals and make our planet cleaner and greener.