Chris Salis, a veteran of the tech industry, has been a pioneer of success in the innovative world. With the experience of over 20 years, Chris is dedicated to offering tech solutions to business problems. He is an expert startup advisor and is a proud director, manager, vice-president of some big multinational companies. Known for his excellent results, Chris has guided big financial companies on tech implementation and raised seven times more financial profits for his client firms.

Chris Salis: A Celebrated name in SAP

Throughout his journey as a director, manager, and strategic consultant, Chris has been an impeccable leader. A Purdue University graduate shares with us his vast experience as a Global Vice President of Portfolio Go to Market at SAP. We got to know his vision as a startup advisor and SAP consultant which would benefit the financial companies and budding entrepreneurs too. Here is an insight into the visionary’s ideas and experience of SAP consultation.

In the early years of his career at Adecco Employment Services, a leading HR solutions company, Chris instructed the idea of using an internet connection over the mainframe database. He replaced all the terminals with internet-enabled computers and brought more efficiency to the company’s operations. According to Chris Salis, the most important factor in SAP consultation is an individual’s interest in information technology and the internet. The more interest you show towards research and development, the better is your chance of excelling at SAP.

Chris Salis: Master of SAP Strategy

An advocate of the Getting Things Done methodology, Chris has an enriched experience of managing teams of both large and small companies around the world. The most ignored skill in SAP consultation is the ability to deal with people. SAP is not just about data and programs, after all the data analysis and project allotment is possible with human interaction only. Chris emphasis recognizing your clients’ needs and persuade them to choose your project with great people skills. 

Having worked as a manager of Strategic Sourcing at Gap Inc Chris motivates the SAP consultants to be strategic in every task they do. As we know in SAP one aspect is going to affect another aspect so it is necessary to see the bigger picture well in advance. An ordinary SAP consultant would realize this fact after things have been disturbed while a great SAP consultant would ask for a blueprint to avoid any future issues. 

Chris Salis as an SAP Specialist

While working as an SAP specialist, Chris handled SAP corporate development, SAP’s Analytics, and Technology Portfolio. His hard work and efforts towards SAP implementation gifted him the position of Vice President Palo Alto, CA branch of SAP after the merger of Business Objects and SAP. Furthermore, unstoppable Chris contributed to the company’s growth by 300% in 2011. 

As a Global Vice President and Head of Portfolio Go to Market at SAP Company, Chris has a remarkable list of achievements in SAP implementation. From commercializing SAP Digital Business unit to B2B SAP models, Chris has been continuously yielding great results for the company. Some of his achievements include reducing the average time to revenue from 12 months to 90 days and repositioning zero revenue products taking the revenue from $0 to $41M in two years.

About Chris Salis

Chris Salis, also known as Christopher Salis, is a San Francisco-based start-up advisor and an SAP specialist who has a legacy of enriching experience of working with top multinational companies like GAP Inc, eBay, Adecco Employment Services, and SAP. He has served as Global Vice President & General Manager, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement and Global Vice President and Head of Portfolio Go to Market at SAP Company. Apart from this he is a proud father of two sons and is currently living in San Mateo, California with his family.

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