Chad Storey

Real estate is such a hot field in which many individuals want to enter. Entering real estate is easy but what is not easy is to sustain! One needs to have the right skillset through which he can get what customers want. Some people in the field have excelled in the process of buying and selling property. Today, you will know about a realtor who has become the most recognized in real estate by putting consistent efforts into the work.

Chad Storey Seattle Times is one of the great realtors in real estate with substantial experience and immense knowledge. Since selling or buying a home could be intimidating in some cases. So he keeps the stress levels of the clients low during the whole process! He has been serving in the field for the last several years, thus has an extensive network. Through it, he can find you a home that fits your needs. Reaching Chad Storey to find a dream home is worth it!

Combing extensive experience and immense expertise, Chad offers top-tier home buying experience to his clients. He is helping people buy the perfect home – perhaps not surprisingly the most exciting thing! Till now, Chad has helped numerous people in finding the home of their dreams. So he has gained recognition nationally! Currently, Chad is working with Century 21 Northwest to address the unmet needs of the nation effectively. Here he leverages various tactics that he learned while working in real estate for more than 14 years.

Beginning with nothing and getting something big is a huge accomplishment. Chad also started his career being ordinary and counted among the top realtors now. Among his notable achievements, one transaction he did in Woodenwile is rewarding. In his territory, Chad Storey sold a single-family home on behalf of the seller for $827,000. By doing that, he made his valued clients and customers trust him! Alongside, he has completed numerous transactions in Lake Stevens, Camano Island, Puyallup, Tacoma, etc.

Furthermore, he is well-known for being the founder of a SAAS/CRM platform (Pipeline Platform) that reached millions of records in 10 markets in a short space of time. Not everyone has the skill set to be a successful realtor, but Chad Storey has! In a nutshell, Chad Storey stepped out from the ordinary and set a remarkable benchmark in real estate. His innovative ideas and solutions have made him the most recognized name in the field.