Contractor income protection is a type of insurance & a policy to think about for contractors in the UK. It is the best income protection insurance for contractors.

Contractors are often at risk for an accident, sickness or injury that results in lost income. This can happen at any time when you’re working or traveling and can impact your ability to pay bills and cover basic living expenses. If you’re self-employed, this can happen even if you have a regular full-time job.

If you are a contractor who has been injured on the job, contractor income protection can help pay your medical bills or lost wages while you recover from your injury or illness.

Income Protection for Contractors covers:

• Medical expenses incurred while recovering from an injury or illness related to an accident/sickness/injury suffered while working

• Lost earnings due to an accident, sickness or injury suffered while working

• Compensation for pain and suffering caused by an accident, sickness or injury suffered while working