private dining area restaurant

Private Dining Rooms: Exclusivity and Elegance

A private dining area restaurant in London offers an intimate and exclusive setting for enjoying gourmet cuisine and creating lasting memories with friends, family, or colleagues. Spagnoletti Spagnoletti Italian restaurant located near Kings Cross Station is an ideal setting for creating unforgettable moments with your nearest and dearest.

Ideal for hosting special occasions or corporate gatherings, these exclusive spaces exude elegance and charm, ensuring that every moment spent with loved ones or colleagues is truly memorable. 

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, organizing a business luncheon, or simply craving an intimate dinner with friends, our private dining areas offer the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories.

Exclusive Private Dining Options at Megaro Hotel

Spagnoletti restaurant, part of the Megaro Hotel, offers various private dining options to suit different needs. The Marine Room provides a cozy space with a unique atmosphere. Semi-private areas offer a bit more privacy while still enjoying the restaurant’s ambiance. Private Hire allows you to book the entire space exclusively for your event, ensuring an intimate dining experience tailored to your preferences.

The Marine Room: A Captivating Setting

The Marine Room boasts a captivating ambiance with its high vaulted windows overlooking the hotel’s entrance. The centerpiece of this elegant space is a wooden table crafted from Nelson’s HMS Victory Ship, adding a touch of history and heritage to every dining experience. Accommodating up to 12 guests for lunch or dinner, The Marine Room offers privacy and exclusivity, making it an ideal choice for intimate gatherings and special occasions.

Semi-Private Areas: Intimate Gatherings with a View

Separated by a mesh curtain on the mezzanine floor, semi-private areas offer panoramic views of King’s Cross & St Pancras, creating a picturesque backdrop for memorable moments shared with loved ones. With seating for up to 30 guests, guests can indulge in delicious Italian cuisine designed for sharing, embracing the tradition of communal dining in a convivial atmosphere.

Shared Dining Experience: Embracing Italian Tradition

At Spagnoletti, the dining experience is not just about food; it’s about fostering connections and creating lasting memories. The menus are thoughtfully curated to encourage sharing, allowing guests to savor an array of delectable dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. From antipasti platters to hearty pasta dishes and mouthwatering desserts, each offering is designed to evoke the spirit of Italian hospitality and abundance.

Private Hire: Elevated Events on the Mezzanine Level

For larger gatherings and special events, the mezzanine level at Spagnoletti provides a versatile space that can accommodate up to 50 guests. Whether celebrating a milestone birthday, hosting a corporate dinner, or planning a romantic wedding reception, the private hire option offers flexibility and sophistication. Guests can enjoy dining from a delectable sharing menu, expertly prepared by the culinary team, while basking in the stylish ambiance and impeccable service that define the Spagnoletti experience.

The Visionary Behind Spagnoletti: Henry Chebaane

Renowned for his creative flair and attention to detail, Henry Chebaane is the visionary behind the interiors of the Megaro Hotel and its accompanying establishments, including the fine-dining restaurant Magenta and the Hokus Pokus alchemy bar. 

At Spagnoletti, Chebaane has once again demonstrated his talent for transforming spaces into vibrant and captivating environments. From the eclectic decor to the innovative culinary offerings, every aspect of Spagnoletti reflects Chebaane’s passion for storytelling and design, ensuring that each visit is a journey of discovery and delight.

Magnificent Spaces for Every Occasion

Spagnoletti represents culinary excellence, offering an experience that exceeds mere dining. From intimate private rooms to vibrant semi-private spaces, every aspect is carefully crafted for unforgettable moments. Whether enjoying a leisurely lunch or hosting a special event, guests are treated to exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. Every meal is not just a culinary delight but a celebration of life’s moments, making it a must-visit for discerning diners seeking an extraordinary experience.

While many private dining area restaurant in London offer exquisite settings for intimate gatherings, Spagnoletti at the Megaro Hotel stands out with its diverse options. From cozy Marine Room, to semi-private spaces and full venue hire, our private dining options cater to various preferences and occasions.