We provide top-tier PU grouting and injection services that effectively fill cracks and prevent water leakages.

Are you worried about your home or other places’ concrete cracks and voids causing water leakage, water damage, and several other problems? Don’t worry, to put an end to all your home or other premises’ water leakage and crack problems, WATERPROOFING provides reliable PU grouting and PU injection techniques. Our professional staff and skilled labor have extensive experience working in unfavorable, varying conditions and have the expertise to thoroughly inspect the locations, efficiently fill the gaps of concrete structures, and significantly eliminate all water leakage problems.

Facing inconvenience due to cracks in your premises, which cause water leakage, fade the interior look of your space, and many other issues, is definitely the thing you don’t want. Therefore, filling concrete cracks with advanced equipment and authentic solutions becomes vital in overcoming such difficulties. Waterproofing understands the utmost waterproofing need and covers all the basics and majors of PU grouting and injection to provide its partners with a reliable solution to concretely take care of structures’ cracks and voids while also eliminating all the possible risks of leakage in the future. You can simply count on WATERPROOFING, the renowned and most dependable water leakage and crack filling service provider, for all your premise’s roof, ceiling, wall cracks, voids, and water leakage.

PU Grouting And PU Injection

PU grouting is a specialist procedure that includes injecting expanding polyurethane into cracks or voids under slabs, in concrete joints, or behind concrete walls and joints to stop water from running down or through them. When employed on the bottom or negative side of the water seepage, for example, from the underside of the leaking walls or the lower floor ceiling for difficulties involving upper and lower floor neighbors or inter-floor water leakages, this approach is highly beneficial and successful. On the underside of the ceiling, a pre-drilled hole will be made, and the PU grout will be injected at low or high pressure. The grout will then expand to completely cover the hole, fissure, or space left by the water damage. This PU grouting injection can be used to repair concrete gaps or leaky expansion joints.

Waterproofing: The Trusted Source For PU Grouting And PU Injection Services.

We specialize in PU grouting and injection to seal seams and water-bearing cracks in concrete, screed, or masonry. We can also assist with false ceiling repair, including the opening and resealing of cracked or damaged false ceilings.


Concrete cracks develop over time due to environmental factors such as heat movement, drying shrinkage, and other reasons such as restoration activities in neighboring buildings. However, with time, even modest and minor fissures frequently become larger difficulties and significant hassles, as water damage creates structural concerns, including lower structural integrity owing to water seepage.

We offer complete PU injection and PU grouting services, utilizing cutting-edge technology and the best equipment to provide solutions for filling gaps, voids, and cracks in structures along with permanently bonding concrete and other materials.

WATERPROOFING Gets Done The Waterproofing Job Precisely And Timely

Protect your home and avoid further water damage. Call us right away to halt and eradicate all water damage and leakage concerns. We will do a free waterproofing check and make a recommendation based on our professional advice. We always utilize the best waterproofing materials and membranes in every waterproofing process. Get in touch with us and bring your property unrivaled waterproofing services. Make it free from all the small or large cracks or voids and efficiently eliminate water leakage issues.