Sara Wallace was born in April 1982 in England. She is a British resident and an executive producer of SMUGGLER London. She has spent her four years in New York. She worked with Droga5 and her mother during his stay in New York City.

Sara Wallace is one of the most successful media producers. She worked in different fields like:

  • Production
  • Digital media
  • Television

She has an extensive career and vast experience. She has worked with several advertising agencies and has produced many films and live events in her career.

About Her Fashion Advertising Company, SMUGGLER

As we know that Sara Wallace is an executive producer of SMUGGLER London. SMUGGLER is a production firm that specializes in:

  • Movies
  • Theater
  • Commercials
  • Music videos

Its headquarter is in London, Los Angeles, and New York. SMUGGLER is well known for creating stories that inspire and resonate. SMUGGLER is a famous production firm with many successful directors and experts, like Sara Wallace. Sara Wallace Fashion Advertising Company is growing day by day and has a strong future.

Most successful Work of Sara Wallace

Sara Wallace has many successful works. She has a strong history and personality. In the past, she did many successful works like:

  • Produced music videos: Producing videos for clients is a difficult job. Sara Wallace and her team produce many videos. She is also known as the best media producer.
  • Produced films: She produces many films like Revlon, Arcane, Balmain, and many more.
  • Performed for Michelle Obama: She performed for Michelle Obama at the general assembly hall of the United Nations. She did it with the help of her powerful team.
  • Produce live event for Beyonce: Sara Wallace and her team produces a video for the Beyonce popular song.
  • Produced Guinness: When she moved to London, she decided to work with “Guinness.” Guinness is among the top 5 film campaigns in advertising.
  • Worked as an editor for MTV: She worked as an editor for MTV. She produced several MTV shows and series in different countries.
  • Set her own company: We all know that fashion advertising is the primary source of revenue when it comes to businesses. She set up her own Sara Wallace Fashion Advertising Company.
  • Skilled in everything: Sara Wallace has also brought up with many talents. She has expertise in film, production, art, fashion, etc. She also has a vast experience in Drugstores, Sexual Abuse, Communication, Anti-Domestic Violence, etc.


Sara Wallace is one of the top media producers in the industry of advertising. She is hard-working, talented, creative, and passionate about her work. She has an excellent team that helps her to achieve her targets within the deadline. She has a motive to keep learning new things that will help her in the future.

Sara Wallace worked on the big projects like:


She has many valuable ideas in her mind to share and is an excellent media professional. She is also an award winner for the 2020 PHNX Tribute. If you also have a Fashion Advertising Company, then you can consider Sara Wallace because she has a vast experience in advertising. She will help you to solve your problems because she is professional. So, don’t forget to contact her.