Trevor Tham (born 12 August 1993) is a Singaporean content creator and social media influencer. He is a co-founder of his own YouTube channel Trevmonki regularly appears as a guest on JianHao Tan’s YouTube channel as a guest artist. As of September 2020, there are more than 219,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and 77,000 on Instagram.



Trevor Tham is an alumnus of Zhangde Primary School and Outram Secondary School. He attended Ngee Ann Polytechnic from 2011 until 2014, graduating with a degree in molecular biotechnology at the School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology.

Personal life

Trevor Tham was in a relationship with Samantha Ashley Tay, a dance instructor. In September 2020, they had been together for more than four years, but they recently broke the relationship. Trevor and Samantha were introduced when she was a senior at New Revolving Age (NRA), the hip-hop dance group at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Trevor is also a huge avid fan of BTS, the KPOP idols, BTS and has created the dance concept video for his choreography for the group’s track”Best Of Me.

Content Creator

Trevor Tham is the Creative Director of Studiomonki, a film production studio that oversees Trevmonki’s YouTube channel. Trevmonki YouTube channel. The channel also produces videos, short films and commercials for various clients. Tham is also a Creative Producer and partner of Titan Digital Media.

Trevmonki on YouTube (2013 to present)

As of September 20, 2020, Trevmonki is a YouTube channel of JianHao Tan’s Titan Digital Media with over 48 million views in total. Trevor Tham founded the Trevmonki YouTube channel in October 2013 with Leonard Lau in October 2013. Trevmonki uploads a range of content, including comedy skits, web series, short films, and travel Vlogs. In addition to directing the creative direction of YouTube and the YouTube channel, Trevor is also a part of the channel’s videos. As of the date of this writing (September 2020), the channel’s most-watched clip, “New Relationship VS Old Relationship”, in which Trevor was a part of the video, has racked up nearly three million hits.

Studiomonki (June 2015 – current)

As the creative director of Studiomonki, Trevor has directed and created short films for TV and YouTube. He was the director of the Chinese-language drama “The Encounter”, A romantic comedy that aired in April on Mediacorp Channel U and meWATCH in April 2019. Trevor was the director of “Pride”, the short film that took home Asia’s Best Picture award at the Aputure’s Light This Location competition in 2019. This is a brief overview of his filmography through the years.

Influencers on social media

Due to his massive popularity on social networks, businesses like Ride Now, JBL, and Genki Sushi have partnered with Trevor Tham to promote their products and campaigns. Trevor is named an influencer on Titan Digital Media’s site.

YouTube – Guest Features

Trevor has been seen as an actor on channels like JianHao Tan, Team Titan and meWATCH. In JianHao Tan’s Titan Academy series, he plays Travis Boo, a supporting-turned-main character. Here is a listing of his YouTube guest appearances in recent years.