Faycal Rafiq

As companies become more complex with the adoption of globalisation, skilled leadership becomes essential. Most organisations now hire business directors like Faycal Rafiq for development and help a business remain competitive by identifying, assessing and developing new business opportunities. Understanding the roles of a business development director can help you make informed decisions about pursuing this career.

What does a business director do for development?

If you’re wondering, “what does a business director do for development?” they’re responsible for growing the company’s business by finding new opportunities that bring more revenue. Today, many organisations are looking for individuals who can build their brand recognition and customer loyalty. A business development director helps achieve this objective by overseeing the sales and marketing team, looking for new growth opportunities and ways to enhance their exposure. Usually, they work closely with the company’s senior management as they develop strategic plans that help build the company’s brand.

Duties and responsibilities of a business director for development

Business directors like Faycal Rafiq have an essential role in the company’s development, as they work towards increasing their company’s customer base, sales and profits. Some of their duties include:

Generating sales

The primary role of a business director is to identify new market opportunities through networking meetings and cold calling. You track market trends and identify business opportunities to enhance the company’s growth. Focus on improving the company’s marketing strategies to create a recognisable brand.

Setting business objectives

Employers expect you to create achievable goals and a clear action plan to achieve them in this leadership role. For example, you can conduct surveys to determine the customer’s satisfaction levels. Using this data, you can make necessary adjustments to ensure high-quality service delivery.

Supervising the day-to-day operations

Business development directors introduce strategies and policies that promote growth and increase revenue. Ensure the actions you take are in line with the laid-out strategy. You can develop, coordinate and implement plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities for the company.

Motivating employees

An important role of a business development manager is to motivate other departments to set goals and targets that align with the company’s mission, says Faycal Rafiq. For example, you can implement sales incentives to increase sales performance. When employees achieve these goals, they may feel more motivated to continue working hard.

A great business development director develops essential skills that facilitate optimum performance. Identifying and building these skills can help you succeed in the role and help the company to reach new heights.