Practicing yoga helps individuals control their minds, souls, and bodies. It helps manage anxiety and stress, assisting the mind to become peaceful. Additionally, yoga helps in flexibility, body tone, and muscle strength.

About Glo

If you are a yoga enthusiast who can practice yoga online from anywhere, you should try Glo. Glo is an online yoga and meditation platform with several courses for individuals who are keen on yoga. Glo clients can access the programs at the comfort of their homes, which encourages them not to skip any yoga online lessons.

What Makes Yoga Online Great?

Many people cannot access a yoga studio or a gym currently. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking care of your body and mind. The online and meditation lessons offered by Glo are designed to help you relax, work on your body, and get a much-deserved energy boost. If you are a regular traveler, busy career person, or a mom who needs to meditate frequently from any part of the world, yoga online has you covered.

The best thing about the yoga and meditation lessons offered by Glo is that they are tailor-made to suit your present requirements and availability.

Programs Offered by Glo

Glo offers online yoga programs that are delivered by experienced instructors. The lessons are designed to inspire goals, introduce lifelong skills, and create a rhythm that helps you focus. The best thing is that the programs cater to all levels; therefore, even if you are a beginner, you will find something that suits you. Here as some popular programs delivered by Glo:

Movement & Mind Pilates Challenge

Movement & Mind Pilates Challenge is a 9-day program that focuses on giving your mind and body the attention they deserve. Each class runs for 20 minutes and includes various strengthening series with modifications that suit every user. The program allows you to work on your major muscles throughout the nine days.

Yoga with Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your online yoga practice can have numerous benefits. This program comprises six classes that demonstrate how essential oils can help take you to a specific emotional state. During each lesson, you get an opportunity of setting an intention with a recommended oil. You also get to delight in an asana sequence that focuses on that intent. Additionally, the program gives you helpful information that details how you can incorporate essential oils into other aspects of your life.

40-Day Radiant Body Sadhana

If you are experiencing high stress and low energy, sadhana (daily practice) might be your solution. The 40-days program is designed to help you overcome your perceived blocks, and help you bring your radiant self to life.

SOS for New Moms

Being a new mom comes with a lot of challenges, and you need an avenue that calms the newborn storm down. Glo understands that new moms hardly have time for themselves; hence, the program is short and effective, giving moms the much-needed guided meditation practices.

Glo Teachers are Certified

Glo engages respectable, experienced, and certified teachers to teach the online yoga and meditation lessons. The instructors have a deep understanding of an array of yoga traditions, and they adopt them during teaching. Practicing yoga under the instructions of a qualified instructor helps you to focus and awaken your true potential. The teachers will guide you appropriately to discover many exciting things about your body and mind.

Yoga has numerous health benefits such as flexibility, increased strength, and heart wealth, that you shouldn’t overlook. It is essential to find a trusted partner like Glo to offer crucial yoga and meditation lessons to help you achieve all your body and mind goals.