naplan practice tests year 9

The National Assessment Program – Numeracy and Literacy, is an important test for thousands of Australian Students. This test series is conducted annually for the students in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9. Acing the NAPLAN test series is very important for students as it means that they have met and exceeded the standards of other students across the country. The NAPLAN test series is categorized into 4 segments and these are Writing, Numeracy, Reading and Language Conventions. It has been seen that with the help of the NAPLAN practice test, students can better understand all the sections of NAPLAN.   

That’s why when it comes to the preparation of Year 9 NAPLAN, it becomes crucial for parents to access the Year 9 NAPLAN Practice Tests for their child. These online practice tests are especially useful if you want to aid your child’s preparation for the NAPLAN test series. Good preparation of the NAPLAN test series can notably boost your child’s self-confidence to perform better in the actual test.

Some students do find language conventions challenging, let’s have a look at some of the useful tips that can help to nail this section of the NAPLAN test series.

Learn about the punctuations

NAPLAN Language Conventions tests assess a student’s punctuations, grammar, and spelling. As language conventions tend to be glossed through in the curriculum, these tests help your child to pay more attention to how punctuation is used.  

Improve your child’s grammar

In the Language Conventions tests, there are many questions that test the grammatical knowledge of the students. So your kid must be able to examine and differentiate between various forms of verbs, tenses, nouns, and adjectives, etc.

Work on spelling

With some online practice tests, your child can benefit from repeated practices, especially in the area of spelling. Your child should be encouraged to make a list of the words they spelt incorrectly in the first attempt of the Language Conventions test and learn them. They can then repeat the same test thereafter and score much better.


With the help of NAPLAN year 9 practice tests, you can guide and help your child to master writing, reading, language conventions, and numeracy. These online practice tests are designed in such a way that a child can practice and learn different things that he or she can possibly don’t think of. Thus, as a parent, it becomes crucial for you to look for the best ways that can help your child to master the NAPLAN test series, and online practice tests are one of the most effective solutions.