Are you wondering how to use logos to promote your brand? Logos are an essential visual that works to represent brands and they are used in so many different ways, from your brand’s merchandise to your marketing material. 

To learn more about how to use logos to promote your brand image, keep reading. Take your business marketing to the next level with these logo basics. 

Simplicity Is Key 

It’s important to remember that your logo will be used for a variety of different purposes, getting printed on tons of different materials. For this reason, you want to make sure that your logo is one that can translate well across many mediums. The best way to do so is to go with a simple, clean, and clear design. 

You want to make sure to steer clear of designs with intricacies, too many details, or that feel cluttered, as this will not make for a clear and bold image. Keep in mind while creating your logo that it will need to be clearly visible on more than just ink and paper. Think about all the promotional products you will want to create down the line, such as pens, business cards, and social media content, and make a logo design that will be able to work well across all of these mediums. 

You don’t want to overcomplicate your design but you do want to make sure it correctly reflects your brand and communicates your message for the best results. You want your logo to be memorable and a great way to do so is by going with a simple and straightforward design. For example, think of the Nike brand logo, it uses a perfect balance of black and white while still being able to relate the company’s product as the swoosh invokes a need for speed. 

Create Multiple Versions of Your Logo 

It’s a great idea to have multiple versions of your go intended for several different purposes. However, any secondary logos should be built off of the original in order to keep your branding consistent. You might consider creating multiple color variations, such as one design in your brand colors, one in back and white, and one in greyscale for a variety of different mediums. 

In all of your logo designs, make sure to keep your color schemes as minimal as possible for the best results. If your color design is complicated, think of how expensive that will be to reproduce and print down the line. Consider creating your logo in black and white first and then adding color only where you feel it is necessary for the best results. 

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How to Use Logos Correctly 

If you’re launching your own brand, make sure to keep these tips on how to use logos correctly in mind for the best results. Create a logo design that encapsulates your company with these tips.