Immigration services near me

Usually, the kind of visa is generally determined by your intended reason for travelling to the USA. An immigrants visa is issued to an individual intending to stay in the USA permanently. At the same time, a non-immigrant is usually given to a non-US individual wishing to visit usa for a brief visit, for example, business, education, or tourism.

What Are The Requirements To Document for  US  Visa

Application is an essential activity while planning for either immigrants or non-immigrant visas. It, therefore, involves gathering critical documents. Once you select your visa type, check the requirements and start gathering the relevant documents. Here are all the documents that should be ready at your hand;

  • Valid passport valid for atleast six months beyond your stay
  • One photograph- upload while applying online through DS-160 form
  • Receipt of payment for non-US immigrants visa application form
  • Your social media details
  • Form DS-160 – complete it on an online  application
  • Previous USA visa
  • An invitation letter was written by us citizen showing that you are willing to admit international with whom they are family ties with
  • Travel itinerary
  • Scholarship documents if you are coming to the US-sponsored by a US resident
  • Employment documents showing your position, salary and length of employment
  • Property documents if you have a property in your home country
  • Family documents such as birth certificate,  close family photograph or marriage certificate
  • Letter from a physician
  • Requirements for specific US study or work visas
  • Fingerprint collection

Note that every paper not written in English or the official language where the interview must be translated. Also, depending on your nationality, your visa and validity may vary from 3months to 10 years. This period allows you can use the visa to enter usa make multiple entries.

Immigrants and Non-Immigrant Visas: Family-Based Immigration

As much as visas are concerned,  family-based immigration is a process-wise activity. There should be keen observation when inducting the process to avoid unnecessary risks such as deportation. Some clients may decide to go through the process without their applications filed immigration services near me. Here are the steps to be followed when a United States citizen wishes to apply green card for their family member;

 First Step: If a United States resident regarded as a family sponsor wishes to sponsor a family member, they must fill and complete an immigrants visa petition referred to a Petition for Alien Relative.

Second Step: Once a  named family sponsor has completed filling the visa petition, the petition needs approval. Your petition will get approved by the USCIS. Then an application to the registrar to a permanent resident has to be filled in and turned out. It can also turn it in the same as Petition for Alien Relative.

Third Step: The third step, family-based immigration, requires a stated United States resident offering to sponsor their relative to prove that they can support immigrated relatively with about 125 per cent above the poverty line.


Should you need to induct family-based immigration, Immigration services near me will give you the best experience for successful induction of the process. They will evaluate your case, anticipate legal issues and provide a suitable solution to complicated legal matters to avoid unnecessary chaos.