ISC Board Exam

Let’s face it – board examinations are not as easy as people make it out to be. It comes with a lot of pressure that is enough to discourage students from studying altogether. Sometimes, solving sample papers is enough (to buy the best ISC Sample Paper Class 12 2021, click here) and sometimes they are not. That is why students are always on the lookout for tips or hacks that can boost their performance or make the entire studying process easier for them. Today, we have shed light on such tips and tricks that can work in the favour of students and help them deliver better performance, with less effort.

Tips and Tricks that every Topper follows – follow them if you want to score big

What sets a topper or a meritorious student apart from the average student is the strategy they adopt while studying and the tricks they have up their sleeves that allows them to do the same work in much less time.

ISC Board Exam

Here are some of those tricks and tips that you can adopt as well:

  1. Study the previous years’ question paper before studying the books – What this will do is it will give you an idea of the topics or the specific questions that are generally recurring in the question papers. To buy ISC Question Banks. This way, you will know which topics are more important than the others and you can keep focusing on those topics, more. This is an effective smart studying technique that allows you to reduce the span of the extensive syllabus in a well-planned and strategic manner to not leave out any important sections.
  2. Adopt studying techniques – Mugging up the information or keeping at it for hours will never bear any fruit and even if it does, it will take up a long time. You can solve sample papers but they will not do you any good unless you are completely done with the syllabus. To find the best ISC Sample Paper. Since time is not a luxury that you can afford to spend, you need to learn and apply studying techniques like the Feynman Technique, the Leitner System, etc. These are effective techniques that help you learn and comprehend topics much faster than usual.
  3. Colour-code your notes – Most people have the preconceived notion that colour coding notes are for the sole purpose of keeping things colourful and not boring. What they fail to realize is that they also serve the purpose of revision. Instead of surfing through the books, colour coding notes will help you find main topics and related notes (under the same colour tags) within a matter of seconds and this makes for time-efficient revision sessions.
  4. Light-reading before bed-time – What you read or study right before going to sleep is always etched in your mind. That is why it is suggested that all the students always do some light reading right before dozing off. It can be your textbook or a question bank. To find ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021. What this does is it subconsciously implants the information into your mind and getting a hang of this can prove to be a really helpful studying strategy. 
  5. Study tools – Get your hands on tools that make the studying process easier and more effortless. For example, mind maps and other such tools can help you memorize large chunks of information in much less time. Also, they enhance your retention and recollection abilities. Apart from these, make sure you have great study materials as well. To buy some of the best ISC Books, click here.

Follow these 5 tricks and tips as they can make a huge difference in your performance.