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John Leonard Chicago, Illinois, is well recognized as a founding partner of Redwood Tax specialists, boutique tax, planning, and consulting services for businesses with high net worth. Besides his career, he is a 5.5 index golfer. John enjoys hiking, yoga, bicycling, weight lifting, and pickleball. He has ten years of experience with exceptional skills in various managerial finance jobs.

John Leonards’s career overview and achievements.

John Leonard, Chicago, Illinois, has extended skills and experience in managerial finance roles, real estate investors, licensed life assurance providers, and finance. He’s known to be associated with the formation of six companies. These companies have been formed for about six years, with the most recent one being incorporated in July 2021. However, out of them, four companies are active.

Companies for John Leonard

As a manager for Life Success & Legacy Partners, LLC, and founding partner for Redwood Tax specialists, here are the six companies associated with John Leonard.

  • Life Success & Legacy Partners, LLC-Active
  • Capital Trust Equity Partners, LLC-Active
  • Irish Blessing S.A.M Holdings, LLC-Active
  • Finansowa Gratka S.F.B. Holdings, LLC-Active
  • Hammond Bungalows, LLC- inactive
  • My Clean Slate, LLC-inactive

John Leonard connection visualizer

connection in a typical organization is usually built when two individuals are directors, officers, or associates in one way or the other with the company. On the other hand, John Leonard managed to create a great connection, having most company with Nicole C. Saunders. John’s connection includes 

  • Nicole C. Saunders
  • Steven F. Betleski
  • Coralia Boudreaux
  • Daniel Oluffson
  • Tiffany Webb

John Leonard: Founding partner of Redwood Tax Specialist

Redwood provides the most advanced tax planning back-office team and training anywhere in the United States for their clients. There are diverse tax specialists from different finance and legal fields. John Leonard Chicago, Illinois, exercises his expertise that gives him a distinct advantage over other accountants. Redwood Tax Specialist works with a group of lawyers, tax attorneys, CPAs, and recognized experts in their specializations. Redwood is also known for its knowledgeable team of the 80,000-page US tax code inside and out; they tirelessly use that knowledge to save all clients the maximum amount of money. They also ensure compliance with the law comprehensively.


John Leonard, Chicago, Illinois, with the success of his career achievements and extensive knowledge in his fields of specialization,  he’s one individual worth to be looked up to as an influence to the young aspiring generation looking to explore his career. With determination, passion, and necessary action,  John Leonard has proven anything can be achievable.