What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging businesses, individuals, government agencies, and a charitable foundation, among others.

What Are The Types of Fundraising?

Over the past decades, much has been written about fundraising campaigns in a nonprofit circle. But the sheer magnitude and top guidelines make sense that most nonprofits will depend on fundraising to deliver their mission and keep the doors open.

While every nonprofit organization is different, different fundraisers are without a “one size fits all” approach. Let’s help you understand the different types of fundraising.

  • Direct Mail

With this type, donations are usually made in the form of checks. Its often used by donors who are old and prefer a traditional method. Therefore before starting your fundraising campaign, it’s safe to ensure that everyone wil like direct mail to online contribution.

  • Events

Fundraising using events has become the most popular for nonprofit organizations, including art exhibitions, gala dinners, field days, concerts, and events; it provides an avenue where donors and potential donors interact freely in person, learning much more about the organization. Money raised from event fundraising will come in a different form depending on the type of event.

  • Online Donation

It refers to a donation page on your organization’s web page. Therefore having a donation page along with an online donation platform is the most critical you’ll have to invest to win potential online donors. While opting for this type of fundraising, ensure all experience the potential donor has on your site is smooth and user-friendly. 

  • Door to Door Solicitation

Even though door-to-door fundraising has diminished over the years due to its resources- interactive nature, it’s still enforced and utilized by organizations, especially political organizations. it best works for campaigns that directly affect the people involved. 

  • Phone Solicitations

Over the past years, fundraising using phones has been used by different organizations with a varying degree of success. It’s a donation request done over the phone ranging from an employee while making several ‘thank you’ calls to an extensive telephone marketing campaign. While using this technique, prioritize your call to those most likely to give back a positive response.

  • Crowdfunding

It involves most people giving a small donation. It’s most popular with nonprofits and corporate organizations. If you are looking forward to getting much from crowdfunding donations, post regular updates,  share via email, offer incentives, use compelling videos and images. With all th se in enforcement, ensure you tell a story as it’s what fuels a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Partnership and Sponsorship

The partnership has always been a sample to nonprofit organizations. from matching gifts programs, grants, and sponsorship, a significant donation will come from organizations partnering with nonprofits. Nonprofits will benefit from the organization’s available resources, while the partnering organizations will benefit from being associated with a charitable cause.

ConclusionFundraising can be very challenging, and organizations might be required to use different fundraising techniques and unrelenting hard work to be successful. But with various types of fundraising available,  you should find it easy to proceed with your fundraising campaign, discern the right fundraising strategy and funding model depending on your organization’s fundraising goal.