Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes | Business Development Expert

Kyril Irish Mei Fuentes has more than 12 years of expertise in boosting new businesses in financial technology (FinTech), cryptocurrency (Crypto), and blockchain. She advises companies on making the most of growth prospects and using cutting-edge technology to improve people’s lives. Kim has extensive experience leading initiatives in FinTech, Blockchain, Game Fi, DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrencies. Her client roster includes notable companies such as OKX, BitGet, MEXC Global, RCT.Ai, PetNet, OctaFX, and more.

Kyril has a BS in Business Administration (Marketing) from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, and she’s happy to offer her knowledge to assist companies in growing and spreading throughout the nation. She hopes to bring about a sea change in the unbanked sector by introducing innovative products and services that will assist customers in better managing their money. She enjoys going to music festivals and reading about the newest technological developments in her spare time. Kyril is from the Philippines and advocates for cutting-edge innovations like blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Successful Business Development Managers Have An Exact Set Of Traits

The capacity to learn, unlearns, and relearn is essential in today’s rapidly evolving business climate. An effective Business Development representative has to unlearn old practices and adopt new ones periodically.

The mindset that prioritises customers above income Business Development Representatives should constantly remember that their clients come first. Providing the most excellent solution for the client is more critical than increasing the company’s income. To keep a client long-term, you should always do your best to meet their demands.

Skills in Analysis – A Business Development Representative have to know who their competition is and what sets them apart. Gaining access to promising chances for proposal and development requires an in-depth examination of market research.

The ability to network effectively is crucial to the success of any organisation. We neglect our current clientele in favour of prospecting for new, maybe more profitable ones. Existing customers need to be cared for, and we must find ways to provide them with more of what they want.

The successful frame of mind – Always remember that gatekeepers are on your side whenever you approach a new customer. You should adopt an upbeat demeanour and try to put them at ease. You should be brimming with the kind of optimistic vitality that people like. Take on each day with boundless energy and a “can do” mindset, and you will find success far more attainable.

Competence in making decisions – Every day, a manager of Business Development must make difficult choices. Every choice should be grounded on reason. As a result, excellent judgement is a talent that must be honed and constantly honed.

To be successful in business growth, one must be able to sell. They are, and always will be, a crucial element of any successful sales process. To turn a lead into a customer, Business Development must first grasp the prospect’s requirements before pitching.

A company’s success may be directly attributed to the efforts of its Business Development manager, who works to expand the company’s customer base and generate more income. Business Development managers are tasked with increasing revenue via partnerships with other parties. It’s a tough job, no doubt, but it’s also one of the most satisfying. Nothing can prevent you from being a very successful Business Development Manager if you have the drive and self-confidence to do it.