As technology continues to advance, so do the requirements of laboratories in various industries. The need for automation and optimization has become crucial, especially when it comes to lab automation storage. TekMatic, our global company with over 30 years of experience in providing high-tech engineered solutions, offers a variety of solutions for laboratory automation storage to help streamline laboratories and improve efficiency.

What is Laboratory Automation Storage?

Laboratory automation storage involves the use of automated storage systems to streamline laboratory processes. These systems are designed to store and retrieve laboratory samples and reagents, making it easier for scientists and lab technicians to access and utilize them. Laboratory automation storage systems can store a wide range of samples, including DNA, RNA, proteins, tissues, and cells, among others.

TekMatic’s Solutions for Laboratory Automation Storage

  1. Robotic Storage and Retrieval Systems: TekMatic offers robotic storage and retrieval systems that provide high-density storage solutions. These systems are designed to store and retrieve samples quickly and accurately, reducing the time required for sample preparation and processing.
  2. Automated Freezers: Our automated freezers provide optimal storage conditions for laboratory samples. These freezers are designed to store samples at precise temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring sample integrity.
  3. Inventory Management Software: TekMatic’s inventory management software allows laboratory staff to manage sample inventory efficiently. This software tracks sample locations, usage, and expiration dates, among other important data points.

Advantages of Laboratory Automation Storage

  1. Increased Efficiency: Laboratory automation storage reduces the amount of time and effort needed to find and retrieve samples, allowing laboratory staff to focus on other critical tasks.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Automated storage systems reduce the risk of human error, ensuring accurate sample tracking and retrieval.
  3. Improved Sample Quality: Automated storage systems maintain sample integrity by storing samples in optimal conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light.
  4. Space Optimization: Automated storage systems are designed to maximize laboratory space by storing samples in a compact, organized manner.


Laboratory automation storage is essential in modern laboratory settings, where accuracy, efficiency, and optimization are paramount. At TekMatic, we provide a range of solutions for lab automation storage, including robotic storage and retrieval systems, automated freezers, and inventory management software. These solutions help streamline laboratory processes, reduce human error, and enhance sample quality, ultimately leading to more accurate and reliable research outcomes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our laboratory automation storage solutions and how they can benefit your laboratory.