Adani Group controversies

The share value of one of India’s leading telecom service providers, having a 32.78 % market share in the telecom sector in green energy, increased rapidly after it signed a work agreement with Adani Energy Solutions Limited. This happened right after the Supreme Court dismissed allegations of Adani Group controversies. The shares of Bharti Airtel Limited were trading at INR 1054.0, up 0.55% from its previous day’s close price of INR 1049.05. The company’s market capitalization is INR 5,93,374 Crores. Bharti Airtel Limited has plans to power around 20 million smart meters for Adani Energy Solution Limited. This will be achieved with the transformative intelligent IoT solutions the company has designed.

An Overview of Bharti Airtel Limited

Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in India. The company aims to offer products and services through multiple segments like Airtel business, mobile services, digital TV services, home services, and much more. It has already built an excellent global presence for itself currently. The company is operational in around 60 countries. It has 530+ million customers. The company presently has a market share of 32.74% in telecom services. 

The company has 260.4k towers, 11 data centers, 7 submarine cables, 1.2 lakh crore of spectrum investment, 128 data centers, 400k+ Rkms of domestic fiber, and 365k+ Rkms of the global fiber network. Airtel’s 5G rollout is on track. The company also looks forward to further modernizing its facilities in the upcoming year. The telecommunication company experienced a growth in revenue at 19.39 % from INR 1,16,546.9 crores in FY22 to INR 1,39,144.8 crores in FY23. This caused the company’s profits to increase from INR 4,254.9 Crores to INR 8,345.9 crores. 

The smart meter solutions from Airtel

The transformative smart metering solutions from Airtel are powered by NB-IoT, 4G, and 2G. These solutions will help AESL to ensure real-time connectivity and uninterrupted data transfer between the headend applications and the smart meters. The service is again going to pave the way toward digitalization. The various workplace operations can be conducted smoothly. Data security can also be maintained across the organization’s entire supply chain. The smart meter solutions are also powered by Airtel’s IoT platform, the Airtel IoT hub. 

The devices come with smart meter tracking and monitoring features. The solutions also have advanced analytics and data diagnostic capabilities. They can offer you real-time insights into data. They are also programmed to provide services that can easily empower customers and offer them greater control over their energy consumption rate. This will again help people to save a lot on their electricity bills. The energy consumption rate in different corners of India will also be reduced, paving the way towards sustainability.

The proceedings of the project

Airtel has a robust nationwide communication network through which it aims to deliver secure and reliable connectivity for smart meter deployments. This will help the Adani Group achieve its goals of installing smart meters in different corners of the country. It will also expand the Adani Group’s hold on the telecommunication sector. People will be able to enjoy better facilities. Their lives will also transform for the better. Adani Energy Solutions has an ordered book of over 20 million smart meters from the power utilities of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam, Bihar, and Uttarakhand. This is an excellent comeback for the business group after the Adani Group controversies.

The Adani Group’s ventures into smart meter solutions

Despite rumors of Adani Group controversies, the business group had ventured into the smart metering solution. It had formed a collaboration with Esyasoft, which is one of the biggest UAE-based smart metering companies. The joint venture aims to install smart meters in different corners of India. With this partnership, the companies aim to add 30 million endpoints. Esyasoft also has solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, EV charging, analytics, and AI tools. The company is confident of offering the best solutions to the Adani Group of companies over the next few years. Adani Electricity Mumbai has also already installed 7 lakh smart meters in the project’s first phase. More such installations are about to take place in the upcoming months.


As we can see, the Adani Group has built an excellent hold for itself in the smart meter solution sector. With time, it will continue to expand its presence in the growing business sector.