Your outdoor spaces will look stylish with the addition of limestone rock to your landscaping. There are other types of gravel than pea gravel, which is a comparable and common option. Rocks for landscaping come in a wide variety of sizes and forms.

One of the most popular and affordable varieties of gravel is limestone gravel. However, there are other uses for limestone, and natural gravel is not limited to limestone in nature. More plentiful and useful than that is limestone.

What Is Limestone Gravel?

Gravel and limestone are combined to form limestone gravel. You acquire limestone gravel because gravel is defined by its size and source, whereas limestone is determined by the kind of rock it is.

Simply put, limestone gravel is gravel consisting of limestone. Unlike most other gravel, it naturally occurs in shallow ocean beds, normally in fresh waters like creeks, rivers, and lakes. But when broken down, they are both regarded as gravel.

Limestone Projects

Working with limestone can be a lot of fun, and you can use it for more than simply gravel in your outdoor projects. You can use solid blocks of carved limestone, big stones, or even paver blocks. That certainly sounds intriguing.

Even though the next Michelangelo might not be in your backyard, you can try it! And even if you cannot do so, there are still a tonne of additional tasks you can finish in a single afternoon.

Enrich Your Soil With Ground Limestone Gravel

Put aesthetics aside and consider adding limestone to your soil if you want to start with anything useful. Mineral-rich limestone may be just what your soil needs to flourish, support plant growth, and have a stunning appearance.

Limestone has a remarkable capacity to balance the acidity of the soil. It can restore pH equilibrium and address vitamin deficiencies. For this reason, it is frequently used in fertilizer; however, you can also include it independently in your soil.

Built A Pathway Out Of Limestone Gravel

Building a pathway is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to create a huge effect in your yard. The possibilities in your yard are endless because limestone may be used in various ways.

The simplest method is to construct a limestone gravel path. However, alternative options exist, such as a straightforward limestone sidewalk with pavers or stepping stones. The least expensive alternative is gravel, but the other two are pricey.

Create A Patio Out Of Limestone Gravel

The majority of yards need patios to look and feel welcoming. A patio made of stone, wood, or concrete is an option. But using some gravel, probably limestone gravel, is the simplest way to build a patio.

Dig down a few inches, build a barrier, and then pour gravel. It’s just that simple! You may even employ retaining walls to create a masterpiece that blends with any landscape design, ideally made of railroad ties.

Install A French Drain

You can fill and cover the top of your french drain with limestone. You might need to install a French drain to make your yard appear great and eliminate any accumulated puddles. Building one is relatively easy, too.

All that is required is to dig a ditch, add a pipe or weed barrier, and then cover it in gravel.

Limestone Gravel Driveway

With only limestone, a whole driveway can be built. The major component of your project will be limestone gravel, though you should probably add a straightforward frame for safety and a weed barrier for aesthetics.

This is significantly less expensive than putting asphalt and requires less upkeep than pea gravel. It costs less than adding pea gravel, which is one of the priciest kinds of gravel.

Because it will be the cheapest and most organically produced limestone gravel driveway, you should use the gravel readily available in your neighborhood. Your best option is to purchase locally because purchasing online is incredibly pricey.