Are you thinking of a fruitful career that moves around driving? Donovan’s Class 3 Licence training in Edmonton is where you can trust when you need to drive trucks. Here, we deal with Class 3 driver’s license and its training options in Edmonton and training courses with the Edmonton road test. We figure out the ways to train you to be a professional Class 3 licensed driver. Donovan is not a truck driving company but also acts to help you obtain a license at a truck driving school, provide your CDL. Your job is secured as you pass the training course. Giving some benefits of using our training course: 

What can you drive with a Class 3 License in Edmonton?

With the help of your Class 3 driver’s license, you can operate many vehicles you have seen driving down at construction sites or on the road. Cars you can go with a Class 3 license in Edmonton are:

  • Tandem trucks
  • Cement or mixer trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Fuel or water trucks

Although there is no need for you to do any training or course, it shines on the resume and gives you the support to pass the road test, most probably for the first time. In addition, it will train you for skills that will be in your use for the future and keep you secure on the road.

Driving lessons or attend a full training program

If you decide you want to take a training course, you will get pretty comprehensive training that will consist of in-class and practical driving instruction. Getting your air brakes license would be a hidden asset to your driving career. Many courses give you the experience of adjusting, inspecting, and controlling air brakes to prepare you for vehicles that have them furnished. Some training schools demand that you have an air brake license before taking admission. The extensive Class 3 training is about three weeks, and you will check maneuvering, pre-inspections, professional driver education, backing skills, load safety, and air brake controls. There is a slew of the industry concerning training courses out there that are long but give you a lot of certificates. Just training on a large straight truck will get to practice in a cement truck, vacuum truck, flatbed or fuel truck, and they regularly add things like workplace skills.

Some training courses are given for an oil-field task, and this will provide you with the necessary things to get employed in that field.


The test involves a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle and on-the-road driving skills testing, much like when you got your beginner’s driver license, the Class 3 road test will be used to calculate your skills to control the vehicle safely and securely on the roads with or without traffic ensuring that you are obeying all rules or signs. For the pre-inspection, you want to make sure that your equipment and load is secure.