Promotional Video

Have you ever thought of creating a great promotional video? If no then chances are you do not have any idea about a promotional video maker. Before understanding a lot more about this tool, let’s first understand the importance of promotional videos.

Video content is versatile. It can be used in many ways, from advertisements and social media posts to marketing sites and emails. Nowadays promotional videos are necessary as a new digital marketing trend for businesses. But how do you go about creating a promotional video? Seems complicated, right?

It’s downright simple!

No matter the reasons for the video, the company, or the budget, every video has a basic format, from the first idea to the final cut. Here you will find a few steps that will help you get your promotional video idea out of your head and onto the screens of your target audience!

1. Identify Your Objective

Before sitting down and scripting your video, take one step back and ponder on why you are making the video in the very first place. You know it can be an expensive endeavor. Therefore, you must be crystal clear on the objectives before writing the dialogues.

For instance, you are a startup, and you are making a promotional video for introducing your mission and brand to the visitors. Or maybe your company has come up with a brand new product, and you want the prospective buyers to know about it.

In a varied situation, you might be running a sale, and you are bent on creating a video for pushing the people into action. So, you must have a clear goal behind creating a video. This goal can be anything from driving sales and traffic to creating brand awareness or increasing customer engagement.

A noteworthy point here is that if you have several goals consider creating that many videos. This is important because if you try cramming several goals into a single, short video, it will make the script complicated and will even confuse the audience.

2. Know Your Target Audience and Their Requirements

Before even thinking about anything else, you must define your target audience and their requirements. When you know the struggles and troubles of your audience, you will get the potential to create content that perfectly meets their requirements.

One good way of doing this is by designing buyer personalities in your video. These buyer personalities are representations of the target audience in the form of varied characters. Here, the main idea is to give these personas names, characteristics, and personalities, referring to audiences of various categories.

Once you are done with designing these buyer personas, you can direct your promotional message towards them. This way, your target audience will feel as if you are directly speaking to them, and thus they will engage instantly with your brand.

3. Customize Your Promotional Video

Customizing your promotional video means making it ultimately yours. Think for yourself- would you like to watch a video that does not communicate the business it is trying to sell for?

Creating branded video content is very important. This requires including the logo of your brand and its colors in the video. By doing so, you will offer credibility to the products and services you are selling.

Nevertheless, things do not end here! It is also crucial for you to customize your promotional video at varying levels. This requires knowing your target audience and creating content targeted specifically towards the audience.

You must clearly understand their questions and doubts and try answering the same in your video. Doing this will make the audience feel as if you are speaking to them directly.

4. Keep the Theme of Your Video Consistent

Always make sure to use the same tone, color, and font that you use in your business in the promotional videos. This helps in maintaining consistency and also ensures your company is sharing the same message on varied platforms.

If you are looking for instant brand recognition, you need to be consistent. In this regard, using a good-quality promo video maker can be of great help. These tools come with all the features required for customizing promotional videos to fit your individual style.

5. Assemble the Final Content, Edit It, and Do Not Forget to Include Graphics

The moment you are done with your video, take time to put things together. The post-production stage of your promotional video creation process is of prime importance.

Make sure to share all vital information in your promotional video. This includes times and dates of events, deadlines for the end of the sale, and discount codes. Putting in this information in a simple manner will not work for you.

Try including this information in a visually appealing way with the use of title cards and graphics. This way, the audience will not miss out on vital information.

Always keep in mind that graphics are of good help in adding and highlighting key information. They can effectively be used in a number of creative ways to bring the word about your business to the forefront.

If you are using graphics in your video, plan ahead of time and coordinate them in a way, so they offer maximum efficiency. As far as graphics are concerned, use them most creatively in your promotional video, and they will surely give wings to your marketing initiatives.


Making the best promotional video for your business might seem simple, but getting it right is not always an easy thing. Thus, follow the tips mentioned above and create the perfect promotional videos, and nothing can stop your company from bringing in huge bucks, whether big or small. So, do not skimp when it comes to producing the perfect promotional video.

The promo video of your business should serve a definite purpose and elevate the overall voice and identity of your brand. If you want your brand and your promotion to achieve success, your video must strike the right balance. And if you are finding it hard, choose any online video maker like InVideo. This online video creator plus an editor will help you make the best promotional videos in only 5 minutes!