custom neon signs

In today’s competitive marketplace, brands need to stand out from the crowd to capture the attention of potential customers. 

Investing in custom neon signs can be a great way to make your brand stand out and promote your business. 

Custom neon signs provide a wide range of benefits, from increased visibility to enhanced brand recognition. 

With the right design and placement, custom neon signs can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to drive sales and attract customers.

What are custom neon signs?

Neon signs are any form of advertising-related display utilizing light to create an image, made according to the customer’s demand, perfectly reflecting the brand’s service.

Neon signs are one of the most recognizable forms of advertising and are also known for their durability. 

As neon signs are frequently used for outdoor advertising, they are also known as “outdoor neon signs” or “outdoor illuminated signs.” 

Benefits of custom neon signs:

Enhanced Brand Recognition:

With neon signs, you can make your business stand out. With custom neon signs, your logo will be visible to potential customers when they drive or walk by your business. 

Ensure the neon sign design is not too boring to get neglected.

Bulbd Neon will help you create a design that attracts the customer’s attention first handedly. 

Increased Sales:

Investing in neon signs can help to boost sales and increase revenue by attracting new customers who see the neon sign. 

This is especially true if you invest in a neon sign for a location with much traffic.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

By creating a memorable atmosphere with custom neon signs, your customers are more likely to feel welcome and satisfied with their experience. This is important for building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Low Maintenance Costs: 

Like any signage, neon signs require regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair. As neon signs are designed to last for a short period, this does not require much maintenance.

Custom Neon Sign Maintenance and Safety:

Neon sign maintenance involves regular cleaning and inspection to ensure that the sign works properly and prevents potential hazards. 

Applying a coat of paint to the sign may be necessary in some locations to protect it from the elements.

Neon signs are generally safe when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

However, neon sign installation hazards such as improper installation, wiring issues, and other hazards may result in damage to the neon sign.


Neon signs are an effective and visually striking form of advertising that promotes a brand. 

Make sure to choose the design that portrays your service properly. 

Bulbd Neon will provide you with the design of your choice, along with the best customer service.

Neon signs are generally durable, easy to install, and cost-effective. Neon signs are a form of outdoor advertising that combines light to create an image on a surface, such as a wall or building. 

The type of neon used in neon signs is called “laser” neon, and it is most commonly used in outdoor signs.