When it’s too frigid to go outside, there are a few options for making outdoor spaces more comfortable to spend time in.

As we patiently wait for spring to arrive finally, sometimes all we can do is long for the warmer days and hope for a miraculous thaw. While it might be hard to get out and explore in the cold weather, there are plenty of ways to warm up your outdoor spaces without going outside. 

From landscaping rockland county to adding plants and flowers, these tips will help make your outdoor spaces look beautiful all year round!

What to do if your landscape is looking drab?

Check out the tips on making your landscape look spring-ready using breathtaking landscape photography. 

  • First, be sure to take pictures of your surroundings in all seasons. This will help you see the potential for color and life in even the dullest landscapes. 
  • Second, use natural elements to add interest. If you have a lawn that’s been neglected for years, consider adding a few wildflower patches to liven things up.
  • Finally, consider how you can incorporate plants specific to Springtime into your landscape. Doing this will ensure that your outdoor spaces are always looking their best!

Add color and life to your outdoor spaces

If you want to add life and color to your outdoor spaces, you should consider using landscape design ideas. . Here are various ways to do just that:

1. Use bold colors. Landscape designers often use bright colors to inject energy and life into their designs. This is especially effective when combined with other elements like plants and stones. Try something like hot pink roses or lime green succulents for a pop of color.

2. Use textures. Texture can be a great way to add interest and dimension to your garden or yard. Try using rocks, pavers, logs, or other natural elements for texture. This will help make your space feel more authentic and natural.

3. Incorporate patterns. Patterns can be used in various ways to add interest and life to your landscape. Try placing them along a path or fence line or adding them to the plants yourself.

4. Use lighting. Lighting can be essential in making your outdoor spaces look alive and inviting. Place lamps near plants or trees for a softer light, or use brighter lights for an energizing effect.

Turn a boring landscape into an oasis!

When it comes to outdoor spaces, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you in the mood for spring. Here are some breathtaking landscape ideas that will make your outdoor spaces spring-ready.

1. Add some lush plants to your landscape. Not only do plants add beauty and color to your space, they also help to purify the air and provide a natural habitat for wildlife. Try planting areas with flowering bulbs or shrubs instead of annual flowers to prolong their life and enjoy their blooms all season long.

2. Experiment with different types of plants and colors. The best way to find out what works well for your space is to try different combinations and see what looks the best. You can also use plants as part of an architectural design feature, like using succulents as a planter between columns on a patio.

3. Create water features. Adding water features to your landscape can create an oasis-like atmosphere perfect for relaxing outside. Try adding a pool, waterfall, or fountain to your space to create an inviting environment where people can come and enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

4. Install a garden or balcony patio. This great way to enjoy the outdoors without braving the cold weather. Plus, it’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the view.

5. Plant plants that attract butterflies and other insects. These tiny creatures love gardens and blooming plants and help keep your yard clean.

6. Make a potting bed for herbs, flowers, and vegetables. This will provide a living wall of fresh greenery that will add color and fragrance to your space.

7. Hang bird feeders and baths from trees or poles in your yard. Not only will this provide hours of enjoyment for you and your feathered friends, but it will also help to attract other wildlife into your space.

8. Try out light fixtures that mimic natural light sources like sunflowers or trees. This can help make your space more open and welcoming during the dark!


One of the best ways to add extra life to your outdoor spaces is by planting lush, beautiful plants. Not only will this make your surroundings look prettier, but it can also help improve the air quality and provide a habitat for wildlife. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to beautify your outdoor space using plants, check out Bergen county landscaping using only nature-inspired elements.