Sean Tarpenning

Currently, real estate investment is developing at faster rates over a couple of years. With endless reasons behind this rapid development, most investors claim it is worth an investment milestone to experienced and beginning real estate investors. Considering beginners’ aspects, Sean Tarpenning, the CEO of USREEB, constantly creates funds by analyzing marketing data and customer investment goals. USREEB aims to provide a stable ground to each beginning real estate investor with equal opportunity to achieve their real estate goals. They also work to eliminate the intermediaries in the investment process and maintain a competitive market.

Over the decade, he also remained consistent in providing turn-key services to real estate investment as the primary objective. With USREEB,  he managed to provide thousands of revitalized homes to Dayton, Cincinnati, Kansas, and the surrounding areas. With his extended years of experience in the real estate business, he’s also committed and determined to create investors for life. In addition, he has relevant expertise and knowledgeable facts about the local market, and he focuses on over  100 years of experience in Missouri and Kansas real estate investment. It helps to provide stable growth in their investment portfolio. 

Since its establishment, USREEB has treated its clients with the utmost respect. And they are moving on with that respect in maintaining the portfolio of their properties. If fully rented and wholly renovated, Provisions’ turn critical real estate investment gives investors the ability to achieve their real estate investment goals at a very high level. 

The Importance of Real Estate Investment Beginners Needs To Know.

For real estate investment, the risk rate is much lower, and it becomes after decades, and the property price will increase and always do. Sean Tarpenning is among the renowned real estate investors who have made the most profits from the investment. In the process, he also gained the experience and expertise necessary for real estate investment. 

It is essential to develop a positive relationship with investors to create a satisfying investment experience. On the other side, maintaining frequent and clear communication helps give investors an understanding that every investment move is significant for both the investor and USREEB. 


Other than eliminating intermediaries, USREEB remains attentive and detailed with everything they do, from finely tuned rehabs to the closing processes to the placing of their tenants. In 2016, over 200 turn-key properties were sold, and the show is still on with the growth and opportunity they created in the Kansas City, MO market.