Adani SEBI

Time and again, the Adani Group has formed multiple joint ventures with some of the most reliable companies in India and on a global scale. Even with the ongoing Adani SEBI probes, the Adani Group continued forming strategic JVs. With these joint ventures, the Adani Group has expanded its control over some of the most crucial business sectors. It has also been able to execute highly profitable projects. Here are some of the most important joint ventures of which the Adani Group is a part:

Adani Enterprises and EdgeConneX

One of the biggest joint ventures of the Adani Group is AdaniConneX. It is a JV between Adani Enterprises and EdgeConneX. The main aim of the joint venture is to empower India by leveraging the use of technology. The JV plans on setting up data centers in different corners of India. This will allow the different industries operating in India to enjoy seamless network capability. The JV also reflects the enormous trust the companies have in the Adani Group, even with the ongoing Adani SEBI probe.

AdaniConneX has already been working on setting up various data centers in different corners of India. It has already invested a huge sum of money in its data center asset portfolio. The company also plans on building more data centers in the upcoming years. This will strengthen Adani’s hold over the technological sector and will also allow the conglomerate to take up more projects in the upcoming months.

Adani Global and Sirius International Holding

Another very popular joint venture that the Adani Group has entered into is with IHC’s Sirius. Adani Global Limited and IHC’s Sirius International Holding own 49% and 51% stakes, respectively, in Sirius Digitech International Limited, which is based in Abu Dhabi. The main aim of the joint venture is to explore Artificial Intelligence and other Technologies. 

The Adani Group has always been very interested in carrying out technological advancements. It has been leveraging technology for its various projects. The company also takes a keen interest in using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to carry out its business operations. By forming a joint venture with Sirius, the Adani Group will be able to unleash the power of AI for its various projects. It will also be able to streamline its business operations further and acquire prosperity on an extraordinary scale.

Adani Energy and Esyasoft:

Esyasoft is a very reliable provider of IoT-based and cloud energy management solutions for smart utilities. The main reason behind the formation of the joint venture between Esyasoft and Adani Energy is to fulfil the company’s current and future goals. It will also be a gateway for the Adani Group to fulfil its global ambition of introducing smart metering solutions to different corners of the world. Through the JV, the Adani Group has already taken up smart meter installation projects in different corners of India. These projects will allow the Adani group to acquire control over India’s power sector.

Smart meters will offer consumers lots of benefits. They will have a complete view of the power being consumed on a daily basis. This will help them to reduce their electricity bills. Proper communication can also be maintained between the discom and the end users. The smart meters will also allow for easier transactions. The electricity bills can be paid directly through smart metering solutions. With the data obtained from the smart meters, the discoms will also be able to identify the power consumption and spot electricity linkage.

Adani Green Energy Limited and TotalEnergies

The French giant TotalEnergies has also entered into a renewable energy joint venture with Adani Green Energy Limited. TotalEnergies has acquired a 50% stake in AGEL, an Adani Group subsidiary, as a part of the joint venture. The main aim of the venture is to take up renewable energy projects both in India as well as in different corners of the world.

The joint venture currently houses a 1,050 MW portfolio comprising a mix of already operational 300 MW, under construction 500 MW, and underdevelopment assets 250 MW. This includes a blend of both wind and solar power projects in India in upcoming years. The joint venture plans to take up more such renewable projects. This will lead the path towards sustainability.


The Adani Group has formed a lot of significant joint ventures during its years of operations. These joint ventures have helped the Adani Group recover from the loss it incurred during the Adani SEBI probe. We expect the Adani Group to form more such strategic joint ventures in the upcoming years and lead our country towards prosperity.