Steven Santarpia

Discussing business development services, they are defined as the non-financial services and products that are offered to businesses and entrepreneurs at numerous stages of their business needs and requirements. These services are mainly aimed at the transfer of skills and expert business advice. The field of business support is continuously growing along with SME development globally over the last several years.

A range of business support services options have been developed and can be used to develop small businesses. However, key benchmarks are also needed to be applied in a categorized way for such support to be effectual. Business development services are also vital because they can help businesses and entrepreneurs to run their businesses more effectively and if applied correctly, can also act as an enhancer to finance and as an alternate form of “security” in situations where real security may be an obstruction to meeting conventional security requirements. 

According to Steven Santarpia, not all business development is a similar impact. Many activities of various professionals are very tactical and opportunistic. This is especially true with most of the seller-doers. Steven, a reputed name in the field of business development services also explained about strategic business development, according to him, it is the alignment of business development procedures and processes with a firm’s strategic business goals. The function of strategic business development is to obtain ideal clients for the main concerns by using promises that you can provide upon. 

Deciding on targets that are to be pursued and strategies to apply to develop new business is a high-stakes decision. A good and effective strategy, well implemented, can let the high levels of development, profitability, and growth. A faulty strategy can baffle growth and also frustrate valuable talent. Let’s have a look at some of the main business development strategies that are suggested by Steven Santarpia: 

  • Networking 

It is probably the most important universally used strategy of business development. It is built on the theory which states that professional services adopting decisions are rooted in relationships, and the great way to develop a good relationship is face-to-face networking.  

  • Advertising and sponsorship  

Is it possible to develop and make new business directly by sponsoring advertising and events? It would solve many problems if it works. The most promising and effective advertising strategy looks to be well-targeted digital advertising. This let firms get their messages and also the offers in front of correct people at a lower cost. Steven Santarpia always focuses on new and improved processes for providing better business development services to his clients.