Introduction: A Holistic Journey

Within the realm of holistic wellness and spiritual guidance, Teresa Yancy stands as a catalyst for transformation, devoted to nurturing the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. Balancing the responsibilities of a mother to four children, she also shares her love with three cherished, voiceless companions—two dogs and a cat.

Teresa’s Journey: A Holistic Approach

Rooted in Dedication

Teresa’s holistic coaching and spiritual guidance stem from her unwavering commitment to unlocking individuals’ innate potential.

Balancing Life & Compassion

Based in East Texas with her family and beloved pets, Teresa effortlessly manages her bustling household while exuding a remarkable aura of compassion.

TERESA YANCY: Embracing Transformation

Confronting Abandonment

At the tender age of eleven, Teresa Yancy’s life took an unforeseen turn when her father walked away, never to return. This abrupt departure left an indelible mark, birthing a tapestry of internalized falsehoods that would shape her perception of relationships and faith.

A Profound Fear

One particular belief echoed loudly within her: the fear of abandonment, etching itself into her relationship with the divine. Teresa grappled with an intense apprehension that even God, the epitome of goodness, might one day forsake her. Despite knowing the affirmations of Scripture—promising God’s unwavering presence and commitment—this fear lingered, impacting her connection with the divine. 

Despite too much of bad in her fate, she managed to take it to a positive note and empowered wellness.

Empowering Wellness: Teresa’s Method

Tailored Transformations

Her sessions and retreats are finely crafted to support clients on a comprehensive wellness journey, combining coaching, energy healing, and spiritual guidance.

Core Philosophy: Harmony and Well-being

Teresa’s belief in a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit is central to her approach to achieving true well-being.

Author and Storyteller: Teresa’s Insights

Guiding Insights

Beyond coaching, Teresa shares her wisdom as an accomplished writer, offering practical keys to unlock individuals from fear and shame.

Unveiling Self-Discovery: “Unveiled By God”

Her book explores the transformative power of love and grace, inviting readers on a journey toward self-realization and spiritual enlightenment.

A Catalyst for Transformation: Teresa’s Impact

Beyond Guidance

Teresa Yancy’s presence in wellness and spiritual guidance transcends mere mentorship; she is a catalyst for transformation.

Embracing Self-Love

Her commitment to empowering individuals toward self-love and acceptance marks her invaluable role in guiding a fulfilling life.

Conclusion: Inviting Transformation

The Soulful scribe and her influence extended far beyond coaching—despite enduring hardships. The Curandera invites individuals on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and divine connection. Rather than assigning blame,  Teresa Yancy illuminates the beauty within pain, guiding individuals toward a path of profound insight and spiritual alignment.