Cameron Driver Education

To be successful in trucking, you need to dedicate yourself, work hard, be determined, and keep a positive attitude. There are a lot of rookie drivers that kill their careers by making bad decisions. Let’s talk about some driver school edmonton of the most typical faults made by inexperienced truck drivers.

Prepare For Hard Challenges

You should know right off the bat that being a truck driver is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have. Getting where you want to go will require navigating a challenging emotional maze. You will be tested to your limits during CDL training, and you may second-guess your career choice at times. Keep in mind that discomfort is fleeting at best. A few months of CDL training and a year of rookie challenges are nothing when you look at the big picture. Maintain a positive outlook and keep going.

Have Realistic Expectations

To assist you to survive your first year in trucking you must first empty your head of everything you think trucking is. Stop thinking about it in a rosy light, whatever that may be. That is about as true as my dream about Gerard Butler in a loincloth from 300, which I had last night.

Some days, no matter how many times you wash, you’ll still feel drenched in perspiration and sticky. There will be times when you have to use the toilet in the middle of a snowstorm or a thunderstorm and the wind is so strong that it violently vibrates your truck. One day you may want to slap your obnoxious trainer, the next you may want to smash the truck with a hammer, and the next you may want to cut the head off the idiot motorist who won’t move over so you can back into the dock.

Don’t Be a Know-It-All

The new driver who concerns me most is the one who attempts to tell us the way things are or how things will be. This motorist routinely minimizes their dangerous driving habits, drug use, and lack of work ethic, demonstrating their complete lack of regard for the law and other drivers. They act as though they know everything, which is an insult to genuine drivers who have spent years accumulating information and expertise.

It’s important to maintain your concentration despite the fatigue you’ll feel at the beginning of your trucking career. Don’t stress out about spending cash on luxuries like online courses or hobbies. Sadly, you just won’t have the time to do so. We don’t mean to dampen your enthusiasm. We’re being honest about how difficult it might be to adapt to a world where work never stops and everything is always changing.


Learn as much as you can from every experience. If your truck breaks down and needs repairs, make sure you grill the technician with inquiries. The best way to get additional information is to accompany him as he strolls around the vehicle. Talk to the dispatcher and see him at work. Learn from other people’s foolish driving decisions and avoid being “that driver.” If you are a rookie driver, enjoy learning while in a driver school in Edmonton. On the other hand, experienced drivers should always be willing to learn more and share what they’ve learned with others.