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Divorce can be an emotionally stressful period for anyone. You have been living for several years with your partner; then suddenly you have to decide who gets what – this is not as simple as it seems; that’s why many people end up getting depressed after a divorce.

Quick Fact

The current divorce rate is 2.9 people per 1,000 of the population in the USA.

The divorce process brings with it intense emotions that makes the process more difficult. Additionally, due to the sensitivity of divorces, you end up making common mistakes that can hurt your position in the case and affect your future for many years to come.

If you are planning to end your marriage, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid. Let us list them here:

Misusing the Legal Process

When people are presented with divorce papers, they might feel like their spouse is to blame. They look for ways to exert their revenge on their spouse, and one of the ways they feel they can do this is through the legal system.

One of the things they try to do is prolong the proceedings by fighting for assets that they aren’t entitled to.

Well, this might give some satisfaction to a bitter partner, but at the end of the day, misusing the legal process can lead to:

  • Increases in the costs of the divorce. This means that assets that could have gone to you end up covering the legal expenses
  • This can impact the emotional well-being of the kids
  • At the end of the day, you will feel unsatisfied because you will not attain the intended outcome.

Lying in Court

Whether you are bitter that you are separating from your partner or that he will take advantage of you in the divorce, you should be honest at all times. Trying to paint your spouse in a wrong way might end up backfiring on you. Additionally, many embittered spouses try to hide or fail to disclose assets.

When you lie, you lose a lot of grounds in the case, and you also compromise any settlements or agreements you have already made in the divorce. If the spouse finds out that you had hidden some assets, they can appeal the ruling.

Before you lie or hide assets, it is wise to talk to certified Neptune beach family law lawyers to guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Making Crucial Decisions with Emotions

Rage, frustrations, despair, and other intense emotions are at play during a divorce. You might not be able to see things clearly, and any rational perspective is thrown out the door.

These emotions affect crucial decisions that need to be made when sober. This can be true, especially when dealing with children and assets.

Getting emotional when making judgments can increase the financial and emotional costs of the entire process.

If you feel that you are undergoing a lot of emotions during the proceedings, allow the lawyer to handle the issue to avoid this costly mistake.

Deciding to Handle the Case Alone

You might feel you have all the information to get a fair ruling after the divorce, but many who have tried to do just that have lost all their properties to their spouse.

Financial concerns and pride can make you feel as if you can handle the case without the attorney’s aid – wrong move. Remember, there are various procedures and rules that you must follow to get a fair hearing.

Some of the instances when you need the legal services of Neptune beach family law lawyers include answering a petition, filing a counter-petition for divorce, filing motions, pleading fault grounds for divorce, or having a temporary order hearing.

Each of the procedures can vary widely depending on the court and the facts surrounding your case. It can help if you hire a skilled attorney to assist you through the process.

Lying to Your Lawyer

It hurts your efforts when you decide to lie to your lawyer about the case. Make sure you answer every question the lawyer asks candidly to avoid being embarrassed later on.

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