CBD has penetrated the market with many brands offering diverse products. Do you know your pets can also use CBD products? The market has seen an explosion of CBD products to address the need for pets. Pet parents have started to warm up to the idea of giving CBD to address issues such as arthritis, anxiety, or pain to their beloved pets.


A survey by Packaged Facts observed that more and more pet owners have started using CBD as a supplement for their pets. Pet owners thinking about using CBD supplements for their pets need to know certain things. Before you include CBD in your pet’s routine, know the following points for safe use:

#1 Studies On Effects Of CBD In Pets Remains Limited

The studies on CBD in animals remain at an infant stage. Only two published studies exist that explain the effects of CBD on canine conditions such as osteoarthritis and seizures. The osteoarthritis study indicated the potential pain reduction in dogs after using CBD oil. It also suggests the dogs using CBD showed increased activity. 

While the study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association pointed to reduced seizure frequency in dogs using CBD. But, several studies underway may prove conclusive evidence to indicate the effectiveness of using CBD to address the different conditions in your pets.

#2 Effects of CBD on Humans May Mimic In Pets

Mimic In Pets

The interaction of receptors of ECS (endocannabinoid system) in humans results in potential medical benefits. The benefits CBD provides to animals may seem similar to the CBD experience in humans. According to scientific research, CBD may work in pets through different receptors. Scientists have named this action poly-pharmacology. Scientists have discovered and advised to shop for Cbd Genesis capsules may interact with GPR55, one of the G-protein-coupled receptors. It can play a vital role in the following:

  • Bone density
  • Behavior
  • Pain reduction
  • Seizure control

CBD can also interact with the 5-HT (5-hydroxytryptamine) family. It can impact serotonin levels that play a vital role in well-being, happiness, and mood. CBD may also interact with TRP (transient receptor potentiation) cation channel to ease physical discomfort.

#3 CBD Can Offer Relief To Pets Suffering From Anxiety

Do you have a pet that freaks out when they hear a loud noise or shows nervousness while going out? CBD may help you in such situations. It can help manage anxiety in pets when combined with behavioral modification techniques. Some pets suffer severe anxiety. It can make your pet react badly in normal situations. Also, such suffering triggers distress in pet owners. Vets suggest euthanizing your beloved pets showing signs of severe anxiety. Instead, you can give CBD a try. While it will not cure the condition, the quality of life can improve.

#4 Inform The Vet About Using CBD


You must include CBD in your pet’s routine without informing the vet. It is specifically needed when your pet already suffers from other medical conditions requiring medications. Specific components in CBD can react with other medications. It results in the metabolization of CBD through pathways in the liver. It can make the medicines used by the pets less effective resulting in toxicity in some cases. Discuss the option of giving CBD to your pet with an expert.

#5 Choose CBD Of High-Quality

The extraction of CBD requires attention and superior technology. It eliminates toxins, heavy metals, or mold pulled by the cannabis or hemp plant during cultivation. Always buy products from a brand with third-party lab certification. Unregulated CBD products can contain THC. THC can trigger fatal complications in your pets.

Always check for the COA (Certificate of Analysis) of the brand you choose to buy. COA refers to the third-party lab certification of the product. It informs the customers about the details of the tested product and the cannabinoids present in it. Since no standardization exists for CBD, a company willing to undergo testing speaks volumes of the brand. Never consider a brand that cannot produce a COA. You can check the presence of COA on the website of the company.

#6 Choose CBD Product/Dosage With Caution To Avoid Complications

Caution To Avoid Complications

Giving the wrong product or an incorrect dose can do more harm than good. Administering the wrong dosage can lead to not getting the desired effect. Only accurate dosages of CBD can work. To learn the correct dosage needed for your pet, seek expert guidance. Start slow and increase the dosage gradually. While increasing the dosage, monitor your pet for any distress signs. It will help you regulate the dosage to see the desired results without any side effects. 

There are different CBD products catered for various problems experienced by your pets. You must research each product to understand what will work for your pet. Each product type targets diverse health issues. You have the following options:

  • Pet treats
  • Topicals
  • CBD oil


You want your beloved pets to stay with you forever. But, advancing age can become a nemesis of your pets. They can experience pain due to arthritis or suffer from anxiety. When the medicines provided by the vet fail to show results, you may think about CBD. While CBD may have health benefits, use it only after discussing it with your vet. Buy CBD only from a trusted platform to avoid complications or fatal effects. With little care and caution, you can improve the quality of life of your pets.