Young woman drinking coffee and communicating with her smiling boyfriend in a cafe.

Have you ever asked yourself why be in a relationship? and why do you want it? This article addresses everything you’ll need to know as much as dating is concerned. Even though there are several unhealthy reasons for wanting a relationship, which leads to relationship problems to an extend of divorce, research shows that more established relationships play a great role in our society with more significant benefits. People tend to get associated with different relationships from time to time, leading to engagement parties and marriages. With all random facts about engine relationships, kets break down into top reasons you need to be together in a relationship.

Why Do People Get into Relationships?

  • It Teaches You To Act Less Selfishly

There are those people who tend to be selfish—for instance, wanting to do less at the expense of others or refusing to stand up for older people to sit in a matatu incidence. Being together in a relationship will make you start acting less selfish since attention shifts from ‘me’ to ‘us.’  Also, you’ll find yourself thinking more about your partner than yourself and want to make them feel loved.

  • To Learn and Grow

Look at a relationship as a perfect arena for you to get rid of old fears and insecurities that were maybe acquired from childhood. Therefore when you get together in a relationship, you’ll keep on learning and growing and mutually helping each other rejections and any other engulfment issues.

  • Love Makes You Feel Happy

A relationship can get you more emotional than logical. It is a suitable type of happiness that makes a smile break from your face whenever you two talk. To some extent, this happiness would make you anticipate closing work and rush home to spend the rest of the night together and listening to the sound of their voice. Medical research has approved that being together with you and the person you love fills you with joy.

  • To Be There For Each Other Support

At one point in life, you might fall back and need someone to rely on, a cheerleader, someone to support you in all you need to be. It’s essential to look for someone who can take loving responsibility for your feelings. It’s therapeutical dating someone who will love you and help you figure out things and help you see something that is true and best for you.

  • To Share Companionship and Fun

Loneliness may be a hard feeling and could lead to depression. If you were living around with family in a supportive and careering community like you often do now, do not hesitate. You can still get it from your partner while sharing companionship and fun. You’ll always find it more fun doing things together than alone.


As you look forward to getting together with your loved one, do so genuinely for health reasons rather than unhealthy reasons that could lead to disappointments. It’s only in a relationship where you’ll learn the secrets of a lifetime relationship; a significant role in physical well-being, mental health, and your emotions.