As a real estate business owner, you have to plan appropriately to get your important tasks done without becoming a slave to your work or getting distracted by unimportant details. Implementing marketing strategies to increase sales takes the same type of planning. To plan a marketing strategy correctly, you need to understand your industry and the competition to detect opportunities, which is also suggested by real estate measurements in Calgary

According to a Research report, factors such as rapid urbanization due to migration in search of better facilities, the growing demand for residential real estate space, and economic growth in developing regions in countries have improved income levels and helped the real estate market.

If you have decided to set up your real estate agency and haven’t yet found a way to give your business a boost, consider implementing these four real estate marketing strategies mentioned by real estate measurements in Calgary that will help you attract more potential customers and increase sales opportunities.

It’s an excellent time to take advantage of this market recovery and apply effective marketing strategies to improve your business. A good marketing plan will help you gain loyal customers and increase your real estate sales.

Offer virtual tours of your properties

Your potential clients don’t want to waste time and will appreciate knowing as many details as possible before visiting one of your properties in person. Virtual tours are the best way to offer a complete and detailed view of the properties to help potential clients get an accurate idea about the home in question.

In this way, you gain an advantage over your competitors who only use photographs to show their properties, and you can also optimize your resources and time. In addition, in-person visits with your clients will be much more profitable since they’ll know the property in advance and will likely be more interested and willing to make an offer when they decide to schedule a visit.

Organize a webinar to generate leads

Surely you’ve heard of webinars, the free online video conferences in which an expert offers valuable information about a specific topic in exchange for a name and an email address.

Real estate measurements in Calgary also mentioned webinars are one of the critical techniques of inbound marketing. This type of marketing happens when a potential client actively seeks a solution to a problem through a product or service and comes to your business willingly. This is different from outbound marketing when you pursue clients who may not actively look for your services like print advertisements, billboards, etc.

A webinar can be used for different purposes, from attracting potential customers to interact with your brand and demonstrating products to keep your customers updated. It will take time and energy, but those who come to your webinar will know you, and you’ll manage to establish a relationship with them. This relationship will make up for the effort when said prospects are prepared to buy a property.

Email marketing, your weapon for customer loyalty

Email marketing is the primary driver of customer retention for 80 percent of marketers, according to a study by eMarketer. Therefore, one of the main objectives of any content marketing strategy is the generation of leads.

It’s a channel that grants direct and personalized communication with users, which allows you to stay in your customers’ minds and continue to cultivate the relationship you established with them.

Make sure you have a presence in the leading real estate portals

The real estate portals invest heavily in digital marketing and often invade the first page of Google when someone searches, for example, “buy a house in X” or “flats for rent in X” and often are the main points of contact between buyers and sellers, say the real estate measurements in Calgary.

The bad part is that people usually don’t browse past the first page of a Google search result. The stats show that the first page takes at least 75 percent of the clicks, with the first position taking 33 percent. The good part is that you can join the enemy and take advantage of their positioning to gain more visibility within their platform.

Thus, real estate portals can be an excellent tool for any real estate agent or professional in the industry since they provide visibility to your brand and allow you to display your property catalog beyond your website.

These real estate marketing strategies mentioned above by real estate measurements in Calgary are viable options that can help you attract and retain clients to help your business grow and increase sales.