Trent Dollyhigh

Trent Dollyhigh stands as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking guidance and support in their journey towards healing and recovery. As the founder and CEO of Be Vulnerable Mentoring, a recovery mentoring ministry, Trent brings a wealth of experience and empathy to those struggling with personal challenges.

A Journey of Experience and Expertise

With a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Divinity, His educational background has equipped him with the tools to understand and assist those facing difficult life circumstances. With 25 years of ministry counseling experience under his belt, Trent has honed his skills in guiding individuals through various trials and tribulations.

Personal Transformation and Insight

Trent Dollyhigh’s journey towards becoming a mentor stemmed from his struggles and subsequent healing. Having grappled with a thirty-year relationship with pornography, he intimately understands the detrimental effects such struggles can have on an individual’s life. Through his own experiences and recovery, Trent gained invaluable insights into the complexities of addiction and the path toward healing.

Expertise in Recovery

His expertise extends beyond personal experience. He has immersed himself in clinical and residential treatment methods, accumulating years of experience in recovery work. His specialization in sexual addiction and trauma equips him with a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face in these realms.

Compassionate Guidance for Individuals and Couples

Trent Dollyhigh mentoring services cater not only to individuals but also extend to couples seeking support in navigating their respective journeys toward healing. He offers 1-on-1 mentoring sessions as well as group mentoring, providing tailored guidance to suit varying needs.

A Balanced Life Outside Mentoring

Beyond his professional endeavors, Trent values a balanced and fulfilling personal life. Engaged to his fiancée and a proud father of six grown children, he finds solace and joy in outdoor activities. From hiking and backpacking to kayaking, biking, and trout fishing, Trent prioritises activities that rejuvenate his spirit and contribute to his overall well-being.

Summing Up,

Trent Dollyhigh journey from personal struggles to becoming a guiding light for those seeking recovery is a testament to his dedication and resilience. His diverse experiences, coupled with his compassionate approach, make him a valuable mentor for anyone embarking on the journey toward healing and personal growth. For individuals or couples seeking a trauma-informed mentor with an empathetic understanding of recovery, Trent offers invaluable support and guidance.