It was developed for the motoring industry and made from water and urea; AdBlue has been used to make numerous diesel-powered vehicles. It is legally required in all vehicles and public transportation developed in 2005. Although it is an absolute necessity for many people, few are aware of the advantages that AdBlue can bring. Contrary to the usual practices of changing the oil in your engine, the benefits of AdBlue are more subtle since it’s used to safeguard the environment.

Below, we’ve listed the most significant and beneficial advantages of using AdBlue in diesel tank.

AdBlue Reduces Harmful Emissions

AdBlue is a liquid that is injectable into the exhaust gas flow using a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). After being injected, the substance can react with Nitrogen Oxide before leaving the vehicle’s exhaust and breaks it into harmless oxygen and nitrogen when it enters the atmosphere, significantly cutting down on the number of NOx particles caused by exhaust fumes. It is the main reason AdBlue was developed, as it eliminates harmful emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and trapped, creating the Greenhouse Effect and contributing to global warming.

AdBlue is Environment-Friendly

AdBlue is an environment-friendly product, not just due to its emission reductions, as we mentioned earlier. The product is classified as a safe, minimum risk category for fluids that can be transported, which means that automobiles that run on diesel don’t pose any risk to themselves or others who travel on their roads. Through the use of AdBlue, the motoring industry will be more environmentally green and aid in some way to help save the planet.

AdBlue is Available in Bulk

For big diesel vehicles and specifically working in the transportation industry, AdBlue is a common requirement and must be kept frequently in stock. It is available in containers ranging from small to large, which can be put for a single truck up to larger fleets of trucks. Drums and Jerry cans are available to customers who want to purchase smaller quantities of the solution. The transporters are offered IBCs up to 1000L and bulk delivery for those who need it.

How Much Is Required?

For large vehicles, AdBlue is refilled every second fuel delivery to diesel. However, it is dependent on the particular vehicle. It is generally recommended to use 5 litres of AdBlue for every 100 litres of diesel fuel. AdBlue bottles last for 12 months, as long as they are stored properly or you pump fresh AdBlue into your tank from your local station or use an oil delivery service for diesel.

AdBlue is quite affordable in comparison to motor oil. However, the price may fluctuate according to the price of producing urea. If you own a heavy-duty diesel vehicle as part of the fleet, you’ve been familiar with AdBlue. The emission standards are increasing all over the world in an attempt to lessen emissions and comply with climate agreements. The use of AdBlue in diesel tank is a method to cut down the emission of the fuel you use by breaking down nitrogen oxides.