Online Education

Whether you are ten or ninety, the internet has a lot to offer. Especially when it comes to education, there are endless resources on the internet. Most importantly, several sites that offer high-quality online education are completely free. 

Sites for free online education help you to take a course and enhance your skills at your convenience. Top universities offer the courses of these sites. Besides, you can learn a specific subject without much investment. The sites offer various e-books, articles, audio, and videos to increase your knowledge

The following free online education platforms enable you to learn from the best resources, from coding to history. 

Coursera is a free learning site that offers massive open online courses or MOOCs from well-known universities. The website partners with organizations and universities worldwide to bring a wide variety of perspectives and topics to one searchable database. It gives the site a broad range of various in-depth courses. All courses offered by Coursera contain pre-recorded lecture videos that you can watch at your convenient time and place. Together with other universities, Coursera has programs that allow you to get specializations of master’s degree. Besides, some of the courses from Coursera offer certificates to recognize you have taken them. In addition, it offers free programs from accredited institutions. 


Another excellent option for free education online is edX. It offers university-level courses in various disciplines. Besides, it brings together courses from many different schools. It has the quality and impressive information for everyone. Also, it covers a range of topics from universities such as Berkeley, MIT, and Harvard. edX offers online courses with quizzes, discussion boards, teachers, and more. It not only focuses but excels at the courses in engineering, sciences, and math. edX contains a weekly subject sequence and offers video tutorials similar to the textbook and on-campus discussion group. On completion of the course, it offers certification.

Khan Academy

Associating various secondary schools, Khan Academy offers a well-organized and useable interface. It offers impressive understanding and depth on several subjects while curating them from around the web. Khan Academy site is famous for being user-friendly, making it easier to achieve learning goals. The free site can be used for teachers and learners as it includes lots of learning exercises. Khan Academy offers lessons from students in kindergarten through early college with topics such as history, science, grammar, math, SAT, AP exams, and more. 


An online institution, Udemy offers free courses that leading experts teach. It has the same concept as Coursera but also allows candidates to curate their courses from lessons. It helps to create courses for different categories such as marketing, design, business, and more. By signing a course from Udemy, you are sure to develop new skills and achieve your objectives by learning from their materials. Udemy offers bit free and paid courses. 

iTunesU Free Courses

One of the most convenient places for free education online is iTunesU. It integrates smoothly with any app-ready Apple mobile device along with your iPod. The users can download the iTunesU app on their iPhone, iPad, or iPhone. In addition, desktop users can access iTunesU on the iTunesU app in the upper right-hand corner. It offers an online course with lectures enabling you to take notes and assignments to continue learning outside the typical lecture environment. iTunesU courses offer a mix of free videos or podcasts and paid stuff. Also, it is easy to use as the learning materials are categorized in various ways, such as by topic and genre. But, it doesn’t integrate with Google, Windows, or Android devices. 

MIT OpenCourseWare

It is a learning site that offers several different courses. In addition, MIT OpenCourseWare offers high-quality learning and teaching material that is available in an easily accessible format. The site offers free notes, videos, lectures, and exams, and it can be accessed with login credentials. Besides, you can search the courses by different topics and departments. Moreover, users can have access to MIT OpenCourseWare without the need for any registration. Also, the lecture videos can be viewed online and offline. You can find these clips on iTunes and YouTube as well. 

Stanford Online

Stanford Online offers session-based self-paced courses. It is your center for all the online offerings from Stanford University. While Coursera features few courses from Stanford, numerous classes are available only through other hosts. Most of the courses are completed in your web browser, but some may require iTunes. The topics offered are somewhat restricted as compares to other free education online sites. However, the high quality of Stanford Online courses is unbeatable. It offers both paid and free online courses. 


Codecademy is dedicated to teaching coding specifically. It teaches how to write the code to develop interactive sites using the programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and does it using interactive tools within the browser. 

While other coding websites follow a practice session/example workflow, Codecademy conducts the same with a live practice window. So, you can practice coding while viewing the lesson material. Codecademy offers easy-to-follow and well-written courses along with having an organized website. Also, you can track your progress on its dashboard. 


E & ICT Academy at IIT Kanpur has been directed to provide industry-driven and industry-focused, interactive courses in Electronics & ICT. It aims to narrow the gap between the academic approach to ICT domains and electronics provided by the educational institutions. Also, make accessible the practical-oriented approach as demanded by the industry. They offer various courses for experts and beginners in the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python Programming, R Programming, and more. Besides, it also offers courses in Hindi. 


The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning or NPTEL is a site that offers free online education. It offers university-level courses in Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science subjects. Its courses are created by adapting material from the lectures of professors from the instructions participating. This platform has the largest online repository of courses in the world in basic sciences, social sciences, and engineering subjects.