Vape Breakfast Classics

Keeping in mind the negative aspect of smoking, vaping has become quite popular amongst the young generation. It is a healthier habit that allows an individual to shun the addiction to nicotine. The e-liquids also provide a variety of flavours for all types of people. However, selecting the best flavour can be quite tricky and confusing because of the array of juices available in the market. Certain brands like the Vape Breakfast Classics have an assortment of great flavours under one name, which makes it easier for the consumers to choose.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing the flavour of the e-juice. Also, their motivation behind selecting an ideal liquid can vary. Owing to the differences in motivation, people tend to choose completely different flavours of e-juices. However, a detailed study of the buying behaviour of vapers throughout the world shows that there are some repetitive buying patterns concerning the particular flavours and brands of e-liquids. The most popular of those flavours throughout the globe are:

  • Strawberry

Strawberry flavoured e-liquids are the most common as well as trendy flavour among most vapers. These liquids provide a combination of sweet and tangy flavour along with the familiar smell and taste of strawberries. The fact that different flavours can be created using just this basic flavour makes it a big hit across the world. Moreover, almost all brands of e-liquids sell some version of this. Good quality e-liquids like the Strawberry Jam Glazed Goodies E-Liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics is quite popular amongst vapers for its delicious strawberry savour.

  • Vanilla

This flavour seems to have rocked up the entire vape industry globally for the year. Vanilla is an ingredient that can complement any other flavour. This is the quality that makes vanilla flavour the favourite of all and the reason to keep it going throughout the year. Most famous brands have at least one vanilla flavour in their e-liquid offerings. There are several amazing examples of this flavour like the Pancake Man Deluxe and the Deluxe French Dude from Vape Breakfast Classics that has a blended savour of vanilla mixed with other rich flavours.

  • Blueberry

For people who love fruity e-juices, blueberry is the ideal choice for them. This is one of the must-have flavours that every e-liquid brand always has in its collection to satisfy the vapers’ appetite for fruit-based flavours. Some of the blueberry flavoured juices offered by certain brands are absolute showstoppers and the crowd favourites. Blueberry French Toast flavour, among other similar flavours from Vape Breakfast Classics, is a popular blueberry flavoured e-juice.


One of the biggest advantages of vaping over smoking is its colourful flavours that have its own attraction. However, certain flavours are there that are the hot favourites of almost all and some of them are discussed above. The Vape Breakfast Classics collection has all of these three most-wanted flavours of e-liquid in their stock, which is the reason this brand is quite popular amongst all vapers.