online education

The covid situation has become a life threatening issue for all of us as it takes away several lives and most of us are suffering daily while fighting with this coronavirus germ which has ultimately created a panic among us.

In this situation the parents found unsafe to send their children to school and therefore determine the online education to be the most fruitful one in this regard. The school managements on the other hand also decided to close the school campus as long as the situation gets favorable.

So, therefore online education is the ultimate choice for every learner to continue their learning process. The parents and the teachers are thereby requested to apply the best and innovative ways in order to improve the learning skills of the learner.

Attractive Teaching Techniques

In order to improve the student’s attention towards online education, the teacher should adopt several creative teaching techniques using the digital technologies. The teacher should understand the learner mode of interest and accordingly adopt the policies required.

Say for example if the learner is interested in learning science then the teacher should follow certain science oriented websites such as Khan academy  which arouse interest towards mathematics and is a fantastic interactive website and the best resources for the STEM learning procedures. The teacher should also use several attractive learning oriented videos which can gain their interest towards online learning. “I have made my students learn science through the Exploratorium theory a learning website where they really acknowledged a lot many things and gained interest towards learning science” says Donald who is an expert in assignment help Sydney.

Science kids

This is a wonderful learning website which highlights the teaching and learning process of children and improves their online educational skills.

Through this learning website the children get to know about the wonder of science and involve themselves in this interactive learning procedure which includes learning through gaming from various living things to the physical world.

This website does not only educate the children but also acknowledge them with practical sense so as to enhance their memory power.

Through various scientific games the children will be able to connect their studies with the real world and thereby produce something innovative.

Teacher Try Science

This is a website which grabs the interest of the learner towards learning science, mathematics, technology, and engineering through design-based procedures.  The main agenda of this website is to solve the problem related to environmental science which thereby enriches their concept as well as skills towards chemistry, earth science, physics and many more.

It provides a high chance for interactive sessions through various kinds of online experiments, surveys, adventures, and many more. It thereby increases the interest level of the students towards studying science and overcomes all types of sustainable issues. It basically provides them a practical knowledge about how to inculcate science knowledge through experiment.


This is yet another wonderful learning website which simplifies the learning process through playing, sharing different learning games for any kind of subjects. The students here can relate their prepared question with a particular game by using their mobile apps and learn accordingly.

It arouses their curiosity level and hence improves their online educational skills. “I am very much fond of this website as I can imagine my learning world through gaming” says Bobby who is an online algebra tutors.

Annaberg learning Theory

It provides Earth science related topics which are easy to understand and also impart interactive contents. The interactive lessons cover the huge syllabus of Earth science to paleo tectonic and thereby produce it in an attractive manner before the students. It explains how Earth’s surface changes over time, what is the relationship between Earth and Sun and also provides evidence to these relevant questions.

Therefore, it allows the student to design their own research and plan the learning outcome accordingly and as a result they gain interest towards studying Earth Science through an online learning process.

Interesting and Inspiring learning Videos

The teachers should grab the learners’ interest towards studies by showing them various inspirational videos which can enhance their cultural and social values and also make them understand the value of online education in this pandemic situation.

The teacher should show them or provide them certain useful links which would portray the importance and significance of online education and how to improve online educational skills. “Through several motivational you tube videos I therefore gained several knowledge through online and how it plays an important role throughout these pandemic situations” says Rim who is an expert in engineering assignment help.

Motivational Parents

The parents also play an important role in improving the online educational skills of their children as they should always guide their children to develop their technological skills and gather more information through several interesting websites.

The parents should also suggest some creative and interesting learning websites to their children to better guide them and grasp their attention towards online learning.


Covid 19 has ruined business strategies, took several lives, created unemployment but also invented the online educational system which thereby benefited the students as well as teachers.

Through online education the learners can develop their own way of thinking power and thereby produce constructive learning outcomes. Several interesting websites along with the support of teachers and parents help the learner to improve their online educational skills.