About Ami Shafrir 

Ami Shafrir is a severe businessman with a proven track record of creating innovation and forecasting the future of technological advancement. He began as a small child of only ten years old. He began his journey with electronic gadgets, and by the age of 15, he was producing his mass-produced electronics products. Ami Shafrir also served in the Israeli military as a telecommunications specialist. He became a master of cellular communications after four years in the military and predicted that the world would go wireless.

A Man Of Integrity: 

Ami Shafrir is a man of integrity. He believes that everyone, regardless of family background, nationality, gender, or appearance, deserves equal opportunities to succeed. He has learned a lot about life through hard work and struggle. He is now a successful entrepreneur who works to improve the lives of less fortunate people. Many job seekers have found employment through Ami. The majority of them are now doing well in their lives. He is a modern thinker who remembers his values to achieve his goals in the most innovative way possible.

Use Free Time To upgrade Yourself: 

Ami Shafrir does not believe in free time. Whether he is doing office work or not, he spends his time learning new skills. He enjoys music and volunteers to teach young children in slum areas. Ami enjoys the outdoors as well. Every month, he organises cleaning and tree-planting campaigns with his family, friends, and various organisations. Ami Shafrir enjoys carrom as well. He enjoys playing carrom with his friends and other online professionals. Carrom, according to Ami, is a good way to sharpen one’s mind. He also enjoys outdoor games and physical activities such as yoga, walking, and going to the gym occasionally.

His Future Prediction: 

Back in the time(in 1994), Ami Shafir predicted that the world of finance would be digital. Everybody laughed at him at that time. But his prediction came true; today, we can see cryptocurrency dominating the financial world.

An Optimistic Approach Toward Life.

He leads a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to do the same to improve their health. Scott believes in goodness. He even attempts to find the good in the bad. He believes that goodness and badness are both energies of the same level but of different kinds. If we can change the nature of a bad entity, it will become a good one. So it’s all about the transition. Ami Shafrir has changed the lives of many spoiled individuals by giving them a reason to live in a more positive manner.